Chamber of Justice - Verdicts for Cases 52-54 - Tyron Kesh, Corell Fedt, JCT


Chamber of Justice - Verdicts for Cases 52-54 - Tyron Kesh, Corell Fedt, JCT

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood -

The Chamber of Justice has convened in three pending matters:

  • Case #0052 - DB vs. Tyron Kesh & Jedd Kunar (cloning & plagiarism);
  • Case #0053 - DB vs. Corell Fedt (disreputable behavior);
  • Case #0054 - DB vs. JCT (disreputable behavior)

The Chamber has issued a detailed verdict and Justicar Opinion for the cases which can be found in the PDF files linked below. Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the second page of the following documents, after announcement of the verdict.

The verdicts were as follows:

Case #0052 - DB v. Tyron Kesh & Jedd Kunar - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Cloning - Plea of guilty
  • Count 2 - Plagiarism - Plea of guilty
  • Punishment - Letter of Reprimand, Two grade demotion to Acolyte, deletion of clone dossier, Strict and General Probation, Loss of Medals, Society Disqualification

Case #0053 - DB v. Corell Fedt - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Disreputable Behavior - Plea of not guilty by no response
  • Verdict - GUILTY
  • Punishment - Letter of Reprimand and General Probation

Case #0054 - DB v. JCT - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Disreputable Behavior - Plea of guilty
  • Punishment - Letter of Reprimand and General Probation

Signed and sealed in Justice,

Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin

Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

We should count ourselves lucky we only had two instances of spoilers. I saw entire friend groups come apart due to spoilers

Sheesh. It's disheartening when these cases make the main news.

I don't know, I've been through the process and came out better for it, learnt an important lesson. It's a matter of knowing what you have done wrong, coming to terms with it and moving on.

I went through the process and while acquitted still took a few licks. If yall guys are reading this, take some advice from an old timer here. Take your licks and get back on with what you want out of the DJB. This is a fun club, and you get what you put into it.

For the new guys who joined and did the deal with the spoilers. If you did it to ruin someones day, well you really didnt in the long run. However this is a great group of people who enjoy Star Wars. You took the time to find us, take the time to get to know us and you may have fun. Just dont try and spoil a movie for people again, try and be courteous to people.

I'm truly sorry for the spoilers. I agree that I should be punished and I was unspoken throughout the trial because I knew whatever punishment I was given was the right one. I have learned my lesson, although you may not believe so. I love Star Wars. But because it's such a big fan community, there is a lot of criticism, spoiling, arguing, etc. I myself was revealed two spoilers in the film, which I will not name, and I guess I was angry. At everyone who loved Star Wars. Because I thought everyone was mean and criticizing and it wasn't good.

So I decided to post the spoiler because I thought it would satisfy me. But it didn't. It made me feel terrible and sorry but there was no one I could ever erase my comment from a universe like this. I am very happy though that I have still been allowed in this great community.

Thank you for the optimistic comments guys and nothing mean, but I realize my comment could be considered "mean" and "hurtful" in some contexts and point of view. Because when somebody spoiled Star Wars for me, I was so angry. Somebody had just spoiled a movie that I had spent three years waiting for and I really badly wanted to make them feel sorry.

But now I realize, other people have been waiting for this movie, too, even longer than I have. And some of them even love Star Wars a lot more than me. And then I realized that I knew how these people were feeling. Really angry, and really wanting my comment to be erased from there minds, or some wanting to get revenge even. But it's a nice community. See, the person who spoiled it for me only spoiled it for one other guy, but I spoiled it for maybe thirty or forty people - and that doesn't make me feel good at all.

Please forgive me.


CORELL FEDT, a guilty, idiotic, stupid Gray Jedi - in training, who changed his name from Taron Wanse because he didn't want to feel the shame of that name; and he's just hoping he won't feel it with the new one.

It's been 3 years. Either rei state me or kick me our.

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