Changing the Guard


Changing the Guard

The other day, Monty came to me and told me that with increased resposnibilities in his real life, he felt that he would be incapable of continuing on as Consul. It is a real shame, considering how much work he had put into reclanning, how much time and energy he had devoted to keeping things moving smoothly. That said, it was honoroable of him to recognize that Consul is essentially a full time job, and he didn't have the time that it would have needed.

That leaves Plagueis without a Proconsul (as I stole Dacien for Headmaster) and a Consul.

As a result, we didn't want to leave a clan (especially a fresh one) hanging in the breeze while we sorted out application processes for the entire summit (for the seconde time in twelve months, to boot). So Raken and I approached Aabsdu, a former Plagueis Consul as well as former Headmaster, to take the reins. He knows what he's doing as a Consul, obviously, and he is the right person to help keep the momentum in Plagueis going. Watch for him to announce applications for Proconsul soon.

Have fun,


Crappy. It's unfortunate, but your legacy will last a long time in Plagueis Monty, so congrats for that. Also, grats to Aabs on taking on the hotseat.

Monty, you were a great Consul and an even better friend. Glad to see you getting your recognition in the real life arena that you obviously deserve. Aabs, congratz on the new (old?) job, you've got some big shoes to fill! :)

Monty and Aabs = my favorite people. Congrats, Aabs!

Took over as Con of a unit in turmoil.

Led Plagueis to first-ever Vendetta win in The Dark Crusade.

Shortly after led Plagueis to regain Clan-status.

Can't do much better than that. Thank you, Monty, for everything you did for Plagueis and the club. Get some rest, killer.

Ten rounds of applause for Monty and the work he did. You did an incredible job - thank you for showing the rest of us how to be one hell of a leader.

Ty Monty and Bubba for your hard work on getting us to clan.

Your next Scooby Dooby Aabsdu-ooby.

That's us Plagueis. No matter who's in charge, we just plug in another seat warmer and keep crushing our foes.

Boo for Monty leaving. Yay for Aabs stepping up.

Hear, hear to all of the above. Gratz Aabs, sorry to see you go Monty. You were a great friend, and along with Brimstone helped me get to where I am now.

Go Do Work, Son. Come back if and when you can, we'll all miss you xx

You're a great friend, Monty, and I will insist on keeping in touch regardless of whether you respond to any of my WhatsApp messages!

Enjoy retirement Monty, you've earned it. Congratulations Aabs, I know you'll do me proud. ;)

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