Chapter 1: A New Order


Chapter 1: A New Order

Greetings Everyone,

The next installment of Official Dark Jedi Brotherhood fiction has been released. You can find this update at the Fiction Archive: Chapter 1: A New Order. This update is larger than what I typically like to provide, but I was delinquent in delivering it to the club and it ended up going a bit longer due to the content involved.

This update also highlights a dramatic shift in the Dark Brotherhood's plot, references the Episode VII Universe, and shifts our timeline back four years. You can catch an updated timeline in my Grand Master report, about to drop a second after this news post.

I have also placed a TLDR in my report so as to avoid ruining any surprises people might find in reading the fiction link above.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Mav, Val, Wally, Evant, A'lora, V'yr, and Turel for providing edits and trusty proof reading. I'm sure we missed something, but they definitely helped the overall product.

I hope you guys enjoy (maybe that isn't the right word :p).

Congrats to everyone! Thanks again Val.

That's a sick fiction update there. Long live the brotherhood.

Brilliant update, very well done guys.

Poor Solari :'(

Feeling sorry for those Jedi T^T

Excellent work of fiction. I read it aloud from start to finish.

By the by, there is a small mistake in paragraph 4 of the Prologue, "Their members, found within the ranks of every Clan, began to receive and orders to carry out tasks once thought impossible."

Nice catch. I'll fire every editor on the staff.

Ok, so characters dad is now dead, or I have to rework things. BUT YAY NEW PLANETS

So, back four years???

That puts me back as a Knight in the vong torture ships. The gjw with One Sith wiped out???


This almost warms even my blackened heart.

If the timeline has gone back four years wouldn't it now be 35 ABY and not 34 like it says on the site? Also, can't we all just get along.

one line in the fiction threw off my reading: "embraced in its warm embrace."


Have to say though, we do live in exciting times...

Don't overthink the time-warp. Just literally add -4 to dates you have listed :P.

Crappy editors, I tell you. Can't be trusted.

Awesome fiction update, Sarin!

That was a great fiction update!!! really awesome to see the new direction things are taking! Looking forward to seeing more


Just read the fiction. I didn't think the shard could be destroyed.

kneels and bows to Lord Pravus

What is thy bidding, Master?

In RL I feel compassion... but my character is right now full of pride for the truly reborn DARK Brotherhood. F**** amazing fiction guys, hands down.

Yup, that got me back into the fight. Nice fiction.

Well this story is going somewhere. Not sure where, but I'm along for the ride, no doubt.

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