[Clan Feud] PLA/VIZ: A Fistful of Credits


[Clan Feud] PLA/VIZ: A Fistful of Credits

It's war! Clan Plagueis has declared an all-out assault against the homeworld of Clan Vizsla, due to a botched bounty placed on a di Plagia. Possessions, pride, and lives are at stake. Will you join the campaign and lead your clan to victory?

The feud starts on Monday, February 10th and continues until Monday, March 9th. Sixteen comps. Five bins. You don't want to miss the action.

To find more details, including links to fiction, to help you follow along with this feud, click this link to the event page.

Take 'em down, Plagueis!

Ra Ra ree, kick em in the knee. Ra Ra ragueis, kick em hard plagueis!

Do It!

Lets go plagueians

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