Clan Taldryan: Consul open for Applications


Clan Taldryan: Consul open for Applications

Dark Brotherhood,

Lieutenant Colonel Rhylance has resigned from the position of Consul in Taldryan and the position is now officially open for applications. Rhylance did an outstanding job stepping into the role of Consul and helped Taldryan transition through a tumultuous year. I appreciate all of the outstanding work effort he put into the Clan and it has been great working with him.

I have decided to open Taldryan Consul to the Dark Brotherhood as a whole; however, existing members of Taldryan will have a slight advantage due to their knowledge of the Clans inner workings.

Applicants should provide a plan of action for Taldryan that covers the next 90 days. This plan of action should include leadership decisions below the position of Consul, planned activities to encourage fellowship within/without the clan, and how you see your role as the "up and out" voice of Taldryan (IE, how are you going to work with the DC). A good team player is valued over many other qualities.

Applicants should also keep in mind the myriad of requirements a Consul has and address those they deem pertinent in their application. Those requirements include, but are not limited to:

*Oversee and ensure the cohesive operation of all Houses in the Clan
*Work with the Grand Master and Brotherhood administrative staff to ensure that there is proper communication, activity and cohesion throughout
*Report to the rest of the Dark Council and the Clan on a regular and consistent basis
*Liaise between the Clan and the Dark Council
*Promote competitions, both internal and external, in which your members may participate
*Run Competitions internally; with other Clans and organize Clan feuds
*Reward and promote members of the Clan where appropriate
*Responsible for training new Summit Leadership
*Provides constructive criticism for subordinate leaders
*Guide all leaders, from Proconsul to Battleteam Leader, in their growth
*Welcome new members of the Clan and oversee the Clan Rollmaster
*Maintain and develop a Clan “identity”
*Conduct their self in a mature and professional manner, leading by example both in terms of activity as well as adhering to the rules of conduct set forth by the Dark Council

Applications are due to Mav and I no later than 24 December. We reserve the right to make a selection at any time between now and then.


Good luck to all applicants!

<3 Taldryan, good luck to the future CON!

I look forward to seeing what the future bring for Taldryan. Best of luck to the Consul to be chosen. ^^

Good luck applicants!

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