Cluster Cap Update and M:FIST Opening!


Cluster Cap Update and M:FIST Opening!

Your friendly, neighborhood Praetor to the Fist brings you this update containing information regarding minimal changes to weekly Cluster of Fire caps and opening up applications for a new Magistrate!

Cluster of Fire Cap Explanation

As Val has mentioned before the majority of gaming currently going on seems to be geared towards PvE matches instead of PvP. The Fist Staff has supported popular games that use PvE such as Diablo 3 and Destiny (Finally getting a NEW Star Wars game soon! Whoo Battlefront!) in order to help our members come together and have fun. With the support of these new games Clusters of Fire tend to be farmed fairly quickly at times, usually around patches or expansions, and then we make tweaks so every person has the opportunity to earn CFs at a reasonable rate. The tweak thus far has been applying weekly caps to Clusters of Fire. James has put a lot of work into coding for the Brotherhood, including setting up this cap, recently he also coded a function to allow both PvP and PvE submissions entered into Gorefest competitions to automatically double CF rewards as they entered the que to be awarded. The cap remains in place though, with Gorefest essentially allowing members to reach the cap faster.

This code prevents manually counting CFs by Fist Staff and then requesting assistance through the MAA Office to award them. While we have called this a Weekly Cap, due to the way the site applies the CF rewards from the que it is truly a Daily Cap. If you play Destiny all day you will notice that once your CFs are awarded you earn 30 and the rest roll over towards the next day. The queue resets at midnight between Thursday and Friday (UTC). So if you game enough on Tuesday to earn 210 CFs in Destiny you will only earn 30 CFs for each day left in the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 90 CFs). Due to the confusing interpretation of a Weekly Cap with the coding restraints it will now be called a 30 CF Daily Cap. Thanks for your patience, gamers!


FIST Staff Magistrate Opening

Applications are being opened for one Magistrate to the Fist position. Please send your applications to both [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses] for our review. Here are some expectations of the position so you aren’t coming in blind.

This position will assist with many of Fist Staff projects. This could vary from CF Table Balancing, to ROC updates, to running Non-TOR related Competitions. There will be a requirement to review/submit the CFs from the Gaming Portal Spreadsheet during Non-Crusade Weeks to ensure members receive their awards in a timely manner, this responsibility will rotate through the Fist Staff weekly.

Footnote from the Fist

First, I am Valhavoc and I approve this message. Now two quick other items. As I mentioned in my last Gaming Update this past weekend I reduced the Diablo 3 Daily Cap from 30 to 20. If we find a better option to keep D3 CFs in check I’m open to change this. Secondly, keep your eye on the News Feed for another Gaming Update coming later this week with lots of goodness related to SWTOR, Star Citizen, and some conversation topics related to JA.

Lots of FISTing action here. love it! :D

^^^^^^^ I knew someone was going to say something like this eventually :D

This helps clear things up! Great report!

So, the new daily cap is still going to be affected by the weekly rollover?

Basically yes. Nothing has changed with how the cap works on the site. We're just calling it a daily cap now to help clear up the confusion about how the site has always handled the requests.

Ugh. Hate caps or lowering totals, especially for those, myself included, that aren't hardcore gamers, hence making gaming promotion or sa degrees even more difficult to obtain.

I understand the reasoning behind it, but now with lesser rewards for gaming, you're going to see less people playing, and like myself, the inability to find when I can do a couple hours of actual gaming

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