Comic #10: Hate-filled Powerhouses


Comic #10: Hate-filled Powerhouses


Here's a spotlight on one of the Orders of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

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The last time I posted a comic was when Obelisk and Krath were still orders. So, if you find yourself browsing back to previous comics...just pretend they say "Traditions." I'm not sure what cadence I'll be posting comics, but I'm aiming for less than 5 years between each one this time around.

This makes me so happy.

Can't hate without a shirt to proclaims it.

This is like finding out there is a Santa Claus

Very nice!

So glad to see this happen. Great comic as always Orv.

To quote Director Krennic, “It’s beautiful.”

I Pho King love this!

This is amazing xD

They are awesome, just read all of them. Wasn't there for the Orders yet, but from what I learned retroactively these comics are spot on.

This is EXACTLY what I needed today. Inject it right into my veins, please.

Well played the old friend.

xD Bwuahaha I love it!

Very awesome. Read back through the old comics as well. This stuff is golden.

I always wanted to be in a DB where Orv comics were a constant. And I am SO here for this.

Yes. we need moar Orv

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