[Corrected] Rite of Supremacy: Escalation Phase 1 Wrapping Up


[Corrected] Rite of Supremacy: Escalation Phase 1 Wrapping Up

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Folks, this is a corrected reminder that Phase 1 of RoS: Escalation ends this weekend at site time on June 13, which is 8pm EDT Sunday (not Saturday, as previously reported :p). If there are any Phase 1 comps you want to participate in but haven't yet, now's the time!

There will be one-week break between the end of Phase 1 and the beginning of Phase 2, during which you can focus on Event Long competitions. The Event Long competitions will continue through the end of Phase 2, though some of them may have prompt updates or additions to account for fictional developments from the upcoming mid-RoS fiction.

As a reminder, please check the news page or individual comps for the latest updates as clarifications and adjustments have been made to a few to eliminate confusion for members. Also, note that all first round matches for the JA and HS Event Long tournaments must be completed before 8pm on Friday.

Time is a fickle human construct. Thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the reminder, Bubba

That wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey stuff can certainly be difficult, at times.

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