CSP Consul: Elincia Rei


CSP Consul: Elincia Rei


The Deputy Grand Master and I have selected Elincia Rei as the next CSP Consul. Elincia submitted an outstanding application and has served the Clan faithfully as PCON. These two things made for a winning combination.

Please take the time to comgratulte Elincia on his new position!

Congrats Eli! :) here's to a new reign! #hailtheempress

Big shoes to fill, but here to help Eli. Congrats!

Congrats, Eli. I hope you can bring the Clan into a new age.

Congratulations, Empress Rei!

Congrats Elincia. Hope you keep the ball rolling with CSP!


Best of luck on your new position!

Best of luck, my friend. Congratulations!



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