[CSP] GJW Results Report

GJW Results are out! We placed third! Congratulations to all the entered in the war. Third is a great place for us to be in and I’m proud of the clan’s achievements across the board. We’ve seen some incredible displays of individual talent and excellent team-working skills that have contributed to our position. The margin of victory over 4th placed Naga Sadow was extremely narrow (2277-2229), so it’s no exaggeration to say literally every single person who participated in the war for us has made the difference between 4th and 3rd.

Across the GJW we had 217 entries across 29 people. I’d like to thank Braecen especially. Our top scorer, Brae participated in the most competitions out of anyone (24), scoring 4 novae (1 gold, 3 silver). Brae also did a fantastic job representing the clan in the ACC bracket, reaching the final and participating in an epic battle with Blade that ended level on points, and also scored 2nd in both gaming and fiction competitions. An all round fantastic performance on sheer volume of entries and placement ratio.

Reiden Karr was another outstanding performer for the clan, taking more gold novae than anyone else in the clan thanks to his superhuman ability to solve a puzzle. Further ,Reiden put in a real solid showing with his fictions, placing 6th in two fiction events.

Excidium showed how far teamwork can get you, with the team of 8 winning a silver nova for their audio drama. Alara led the team of Shadow, Angel, Derek, Jorm, Kylex, Ric and Zehsaa to produce a very professional recording. I was sitting in their team chat to generally be annoying and watch them work and was very proud of the teamworking skills of every member in that team who contributed to a fantastic bit of work that I’m looking forward to being shared with you all.

I’m also very happy with how we performed across the various activities of the brotherhood, having taken a couple of Novae in gaming thanks to Angel and Xantros’ tireless activity, who took 3rd and 2nd in the Pazaak Den respectively.

I personally enjoyed the war a great deal, and I’d like to offer a personal shout out to Mune for his co-ordination of our 4th place run-on (with Zehsaa and Xantros) and Jorm for leading our 5th place battleplan team (with Zehsaa and Rosh). We had a number of placements just outside of the top 3, with Ric earning 4th and 5th in graphics, Z earning 4th in multimedia, and I placed 4th in face of the enemy.

So where do we go from here? This was a really strong showing from us and I’m very happy with the placement. But it also revealed certain areas for improvement. Moving forwards I really want to try and close that gap between 2nd and 3rd. Placement really made a huge difference to the points scoring, especially the credit earning. We only had one member that entered every bin, compared to six for Naga Sadow. By Brae’s maths, if each participant enters one extra comp a week we’d close the gap. If we can address this in future while keeping up our amazing placement ratio I think we could really compete for the top two next time around.

Once again, thank you to everyone that participated. Regardless of whether you earned loads of novae or just entered a couple of comps, you made the difference.

Happy Eli

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Posted on Dec 5, 2017 at 12:37 AM
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Good report boss and great work CSP!

Posted on Dec 5, 2017 at 9:35 AM

Great work CSP! You all should be proud of what you accomplished.

Posted on Dec 5, 2017 at 11:56 AM

You guys rocked. Enjoy your upcoming dossier bling and keep up the great work.