CSP Leadership Structure Changes


CSP Leadership Structure Changes

Hi all,

There have been some major changes to our summit team recently. Korras has stepped down from his position as QUA of Imperium due to a busy RL schedule, and Bale has stepped down as QUA of Excidium for personal reasons. As Shadow and Jorm have both performed excellently as AEDs of these respective houses, both have been promoted to the position of Quaestor. Massive congratulations to both of you!

Obviously, that leaves two gaps in our leadership structure, the AED spots for both houses. These will be open to applications for 14 days until the 7th of March. Applications are invited from any DB member. Fictionally, House Imperium upholds the ideals of the Empire and ensures order in our territory, while House Excidium are wild cards of dubious character, some even outright criminal, whose existence is denied fictionally by the clan. Please send all applications to myself, Mune, and the respective Quaestor, and feel free to direct any queries to any of us at any time. It's better to ask before submitting your app if you have any queries, by either email or Telegram (I respond alot quicker to Telegram). I'm very keen to see your ideas on member engagement, promoting activity, and expanding membership.

Moving further down the chain, it has become apparent that activity levels within the clan do not really support further division of the membership beyond the house level. Most battleteams only have 1 active member, 2 at a push. This creates a negative experience for the battleteam leaders. As such, we are taking the option to close the battleteams in the clan, to consolidate house members under a single identity, and encourage a greater degree of unity between the membership of the clan.

Expect a much more detailed report from me on the 1st of March, which will begin a 2 month-long clan event!


Glad to see the BTs closing. Although I know they served a purpose and we had many good BTLs throughout the years, the best BTLs could easily be Aediles or Quaestors in the future, and the weird canon divisions we had to create for them over the years persisted to complicate the matters for new members.

I know Eli and Mune are working their butts off (Calindra as well) into getting CSP into tip top shape. I ain't going anywhere, and I'm excited to see what you all bring to the table in the coming months.

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