[CSP] Musical Summits


[CSP] Musical Summits

Hi everyone!

Some of you may have noticed a lot changing in our leadership team as of late. I’m going to summarise the changes over the last month one by one:


Firstly, Raiju Kang has taken the place of Proconsul. There were so many great applications for this position, and I had to speak with a lot of people before making it. Raiju’s app itself was a mammoth 8 page document that critically highlighted everything going right and wrong in the clan. I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Raiju on his new position! I’m looking forward to working with him more closely.

Imperium QUA

Taking his place at the helm of Imperium is Mako Henymory. Mako brings a different dimension to a summit team that is quite writing and arts focused with a proven track record of organising gaming groups in the Brotherhood. Mako will be the lead on many of our gaming efforts across the clan and we’re very happy to have him in the team.

Excidium AED

On the Excidium front, Rasilvenaira has taken a step back from the position of Aedile. Shadow has been leading Tacitus Athanasius for as long as I can remember, and put in a great application for Proconsul which proved she was ready for a step up.

Tacitus Athanasius leaders

Taking Shadow’s place at the helm of Tacitus Athanasius will essentially be a double-act of Derek and Kylex. Derek will be taking the lead officially, as I’ve been very encouraged by some great responses he’s given to some of the public questions I’ve posed in chat. I’m looking forward to seeing these ideas implemented in BTTA. Kylex will also be taking more of an official role in the management of BTTA and will be involved more in the decision-making processes of the Excidium summit in general.

Krennic Leaders

Reiden has taken the role of Imperium’s battleteam Krennic. Reiden is a long term member of CSP and we’re all looking forward to seeing where he takes the team. He will be advised in this role by Jason Hunter, and together they will help Krennic grow as a team.

Pellaeon Leader

Alongside him, in battleteam Pellaeon, will be Lexiconus Qor, who most Imperium members will know about from his time there as Quaestor.


So in brief, the CSP leadership now looks like this

  • CON: Elincia
  • PCON: Raiju
  • RM: Mune
  • Exc QUA: Alara
  • Exc AED: Shadow
  • TA leader(s): Derek + Kylex
  • VI leader: Jorm
  • Imp QUA: Mako
  • Imp AED: Dek
  • Pellaeon leader: Lexiconus
  • Krennic leader (s): Reiden + Jason

I know this is a massive amount of change in a short space of time. However, as I mentioned in my last public update, we went 6 months with zero changes to the 11 person summit team. My preference is to make all the changes in one go to give the new team a chance to bond together as a unit in their new roles without people moving up and down all the time, similar to how the CoJ just hired an almost entirely new staff team.

I’m very happy with how the last team performed, outlined by an excellent performance in the GJW, so a big public thanks to Braecen, Mune, Alara, Raiju, Rasilvenaira, Dek, Jorm, Shadow, Calindra and Wagglehorn for making the last 6 months a success. Please join me in congratulating those who stepped up and look forward to another stable period going forward.


Elincia Rei

Congrats to all! Now stay put for a bit.

Congrats to all of you! And good luck as well :D

Raiju was always verbose! ;)

Congratulations all

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