[CSP] New Imperium QUA


[CSP] New Imperium QUA

Hi all!

Dek Ironius II has been chosen as the new QUA of House Imperium. Dek is no stranger to House Imperium, having had two periods as Aedile there, and serving under 3 different QUAs. Dek is uniquely positioned to know what has been working for Imperium, what hasn't, and what there is to improve. I'm looking forward to seeing where Dek takes the house and working with him on providing what it needs.

Expect an announcement regarding the AED position to come from Dek shortly. For now, please join me in congratulating Dek on his new position!

Elincia Rei


Thanks, Eli! I look forward to working with the members and other Summit members in CSP as well! I hope I can help bring Imperium up to snuff in the coming months!

Good choice! Congrats, Dek! Make Imperium Great Again.!

Best of luck going forward, Dek. :)

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