CSP Presents: Hallowe'en Horror Night 2018


CSP Presents: Hallowe'en Horror Night 2018

Posted on behalf of Jorm Na'trej and Shadow Nighthunter: a few light competitions open for the Brotherhood as an early Hallowe'en celebration, open to the whole club:


On the world of Seraph, deep in the Caperion System, the curtain is falling on the season of Summer. Hot days and warm evenings will soon give way to chilly nights and inclement weather as Fall marches towards Winter. Yet, before the sun sets on Fall, the people of Seraph celebrate the world’s cycle of renewal in a celebration of life - and death - with a festival. The Empress of Scholae Palatinae, Elincia Rei , has opened the borders of her territory - in a gesture of good will - to invite all denizens of the Caperion System to join the festival. The streets will be filled with costumed people, lively music, and elaborate decorations in honor of Halloween Horror Nights. Grab a friend, try several new things, and - most importantly - have fun! This is your chance to earn some awards (aka Shinies!) and embrace the holiday spirit.

Competitions here

Shadow and Jorm

Scholae Palatinae

Side note: none of the competitions are actually based on CSP, references to CSP system are just for the container. Some fun competitions within!

WOOO! Have fun everyone :D

Awesome comps. Thank you so much!!!


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