CSP Proconsul open for applications


CSP Proconsul open for applications

Dark Brotherhood,

Braecen has resigned from the role of Proconsul for personal reasons. I'd like to thank Braecen for his excellent work in supporting the clan and the qualities he brought to the leadership team. I have decided to open the position up to the Dark Brotherhood as a whole; however, existing members of CSP will have a slight advantage due to their knowledge of the Clans inner workings.

Applications (in addition to the usual why you think you'd be well suited, etc.) should include an analysis of the current strengths and weaknesses of the current administration, highlighting what we're doing well and how we can do better in the future. We'd also like to see any plans for the future fictional background of the clan and the best way to involve the members in the clan's continuing story through the Caperion System.

Role of the Proconsul according to the wiki:

  • To assist the Consul with anything he/she requires
  • To monitor the activity of Quaetors and Aediles to make sure Houses are running smoothly
  • To assist in expanding the fictional role of the Clan within the Brotherhood
  • To make note of leaders and members within the clan worthy of promotions or medals
  • To promote activity within the Clan, Houses and Brotherhood as a whole
  • To uphold any values or beliefs your clan stands for
  • To assist in the creation of competitions, vendettas and feuds between your Clan and others
  • To assist new members in becoming oriented with the Brotherhood and Clan, to further the development of new members through instruction and guidance, to provide a timely answer to any questions a new member may hold
  • To keep track of what you have learned during your tenure to pass onto your successor and help train them for the job

Applications are due to me and Mune no later than the 25th of February, although we reserve the right to make a selection at any time between now and then. If you'd like to know anything more about the position, the clan, or the application process, feel free to message me on telegram @ElinciaRei or email me.


Elincia Rei

Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Thank you, Brae!

Good luck to everyone!

o7 good budy.

Thanks for the dedication and hard work, Brae!

Will miss you Braecen!

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