CSP Rollmaster open to Applications


CSP Rollmaster open to Applications

Dear all,

After consultation with Mune, Korras and Bale, we've agreed on what this role should look like and thus decided to open Rollmaster for applications to the club.

The rollmaster position is officially an Aedile level position there to help new members and administer the master / student program. Due to the rate of new members joining the brotherhood these days, the RM often finds itself in a loosely-defined free-role where it kind of helps out where needed. Going forward we will add clan-specific definition to this role due to how much of a mess our wiki has become as a result of many years of additions without a lot of revisions. The role will be as follows:

  • Help new members on the way in and help match them with a master with related interests
  • Manage the wiki pages within the remit of Clan Scholae Palatinae to ensure consistency, relevance and clarity
  • Work alongside members interested in this project, and bring others into it when appropriate

Please include in your application, along with the usual, any experience you have of mentoring or editorial work would go a long way here. Also, a brief analysis of where you would start tackling the wiki project is essential. Applications due to Mune and I by midnight Eli time (UK) on the 10th of January.

Elincia Rei


Hi, Id be interested in helping out with the wiki. Shoot me an email or pm on telegram.

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