Dark Council Meeting: 27 April 2014


Dark Council Meeting: 27 April 2014

The Dark Council conducted a weekly meeting and discussed the following issues:

17:00 - 17:27: The sitting Dark Council conducted a review of potential Headmaster candidates and discussed the ideas that were proposed in the candidates' applications. These ideas spanned across multiple DC roles and were discussed for feasibility and suitability. This discussion was concluded with the identification of the lead applicant. More to follow from Muz.

17:27 - 17:47: Sign Ups for the Fading Light ACC Tournament will begin on 30 April 2014 and conclude 14 May 2014. The ACC Tournament will begin on 17 May 2014. Rules for this event will be distributed to the Dark Council for review and then circulated to the 7 Individual Houses for final review. The ACC Tournament will feature customized venues that will be tied to our next planetary conquest (Begeren).

17:47 - 17:53: We will run several competitions on Star Wars Day, 4 May 2014. This will be a one day event and will feature Fist, Voice, and Herald competitions. These will be fun, one off type events designed to celebrate our favorite day.

18:00 - 18:10: The Game Star Conflict was discussed in detail and its merits as a potential platform. A competition is presently underway and is offering Clusters of Fire and Crescents. If you like this game, show your support for it: Star Conflict Competition.

18:15 - 18:20: Multiple members of the Dark Brotherhood will be attending Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California on April 16 - 19, 2015. We discussed the potential of sporting DJB Gear and setting up a few member events. We are also aware that this is super geeky, but hey, any reason to get together and drink beer. Our Fist Valhavoc will be mastering the ceremonies for the DJB.

18:30 - 1845: The Herald discussed tassets and accessories for the various Societies. I like the idea of putting my face on every single warbanner of ACC members, but the idea was unfortunately shot down. Upsetting.

18:50 - 19:00: We are running dangerously close to Game of Thrones. Children invade the G Hangout and make discussions near impossible. At one point the collective children of the HRLD, MAA, and Voice are yelling in the background. Childless DC members look for bladed weapons within their homes to commit seppuku.

and at one point...we watched Socks folding Socks. It nearly broke my mind.

"I like the idea of putting my face on every single warbanner of ACC members, but the idea was unfortunately shot down. Upsetting."
This is why we can't have nice thing! #BlameSocks

Darn you Kaz! I was gonna quote that!! Had it copied and everything :/

All in all nice lil update.


I was posting fake spoilers for Muz :P

He called me a troll last night.

It's too convenient. Also, Snape kills Dumbeldore.

Sarin: Thank you very much for the update and all the information presented in an easy to follow format so that we have a good understanding of the Dark Councils process.

Also, I think instead of Sarin on every ACC-Warbanner, we should have the new logo be a bicep being licked.

Val: Was probably saying to himself, "I'm so glad I have two awesome dogs..."

I guess Socks stopped putting the kids in the cupboard. :)

Will face to face meetings of the Dark Council become a standard or the exception? I mean, will we be getting monthly/bimonthly reports like these on meetings?

We actually do Google Hangouts a lot to address club items as well as have a good time. This time around we formalized it a bit due to everyone's schedules being relatively nuts lately so we hadn't had one in a little while. As for the minutes Pravus posted, that was just Matt being his high-speed self but it is certainly a practice we could see more of. I wouldn't bank on anything regular, but Matt and I both are big fans of sharing as much as possible with everyone.

Yeah, I used to like the IRC council sessions in #db because they made the running of the club seem more transparant (with each DCer giving a short overview on what they were working on as well). I'd love to see basic summaries being shared when they can

Technically the weekly #db meeting was just the DCers c&p'ing their weekly reports :P

In honesty Malik, i was annoyingly active back then and would pm them with questions about it all until they'd tell me to stop or started /ignoring me

So does this mean future meetings will feature Raken raking ?

If this counts as a #db meeting, where's the LS I always got after one? :P

I like this concept. More DC meeting summaries please, if for no other reason than the humour :D

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