Day of the Jac - A Few Days Late


Day of the Jac - A Few Days Late


Greetings Everyone,

Last year I established a new tradition honoring the birthday of the most influential member in the DJB's history, Grand Master Jac Cotelin. All of us know Jac as a two time GM and our current JST, but he is also the guy that has built nearly every system within this club or has had input on nearly every system. That includes those systems we use today. Thus, it is fitting to honor Jac, as we do Firefox, each year.

Last year, Jac's birthday came with the awarding of the Silver Sash and the title of Sith Lord to James (another one of our top 5 influential member types).

Since then, we decided to change the SS back to a normal SAC award and therefore this year's Day of the Jac will focus on our non-positioned, but super-duper influential and helpful members.

So, in honor of my magical internet friend, here are this years recipients of the Day of the Jac recognition.

  1. Grand Master Kreeayt Havok: GM Havok has been awarded the AK for his continuous support to gaming efforts within our club. Havok is generous with his time and resources and has asked for nothing back in return. Havok, we are all very appreciative of what you do. Congrats (FYI, his first Sac award in like, a bajillion years!).

  2. Dark Adept Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentaet: Oberst, like Havok, is a beacon of DJB efforts and activity on TOR. He supports our members, he dedicates time and energy to them, and he does so without an expectation of reward. For this, he as been awarded an SB.

  3. Pel Tarentae: Double digit pin, no SACs. Something doesn't seem right. Especially if you have seen Pel around on TG or in Gaming or on Email or on the Website. Pel has done a phenomenal job since his return to active duty and is highly deserving of a Day of the Jac SB! Shortly, he will also be deserving of Elder, but that is a report for the future. Thanks Pel for all you do and have done.

  4. Warrior Jorm (The Jester) Na'tre: Jorm is the personification of membership that we desire within our club. Positive, supportive, communicative, and open to suggestion new ways and ideas of doing business within our club. For this, he is also an awardee of the GC on the Day of the Jac.

Yes, that is 3 people from Tarentum. I think it is a great display of what a near-closed Clan can do when their members dedicate their efforts to making our club a better place. Do I always agree with Pel, Havok, and But do I know they care about our club, work to make it better, and dedicate their time to making our members enjoy it more. That personifies the Day of the Jac!

*I'd also like to note that an eclectic and varied group of DJB'ers consistently mentioned the names above as those who were deserving of recognition.

** Second Note: 2 x people I know in real life were also highlighted as key members. Unfortunately, I avoid awarding anyone related to me (I'm looking at you Bobecc) or has direct RL connections to me (minus Val and Monty. If you question their activity, you are silly).

Congrats everyone (You to Jorm!).

Congratulations to all! Well done, Tarentum!

Congratulations, guys. Keep rockin' it, Tar. Pel, get Hades to send more food porn, please.

Congrats to everyone who was awarded. CSP Represent!

Hell yea! Congrats Pel!!!

Nice to see some Tarentum momentum.

Congrats all!

Congratulations to all recipients!

Congrats to all!

Very deserving rewards. Congrats!

Poor Jac, being reminded of old age.

Good going

Congratulations guys. You all deserve it.

Congratulations, guys! Very well deserved!

Congratulations folks. Keep up the great work. :)



Pel - told ya it was coming!!! you can't hide in the shadows forever!

I'm just 20 more years, two terms as GM, and a functioning DB website away from getting a day named after me? Wow, James should build a progress bar for that.

Seriously, though, congrats to the lot of you. These were some well-deserved awards.


Congrats to all! Very cool news. Also, on a related note, can we create a JaM3z Day?

Grats to all recipients

Every day is Jam3z Day, Beef. Congratulations, Tarentum... you are not just surviving, but thriving!

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