DGM on leave for the next ten days


DGM on leave for the next ten days

Greetings all,

I will be without internet over the next 5 days while I go canoe camping in Canada (beware, Panda!), and will be on leave for another 5 days afterwards, where I will have sporadic internet as I return to civilization and get back into the swing of things. Upon my return I will work to address the most pressing issues immediately but don't hesitate to poke me in a couple of weeks if there is something I did not get to once I get back!

Thanks all,


Having fun camping in the Great White North!! It's beautiful up here this time of year.

We have some beautiful rivers up here, you'll love it dude! Enjoy the trip, and stay safe!

And you didn't invite us? This is why you're the worst.

Into Canada you say?? Time to summon the great DGM-hunters (aka - Ben and the Panda) - we can trap him then slowly assume his identity and re-make the DB in our own image - cat and panda-themed ranks, orders, and powers.

Guess that means food porn is legal for about a week. Here is a decent one

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