Discord Move Update


Discord Move Update


As Evant explained in his news post on the topic, we have been testing Discord as the new platform for DJB communications. Over the last several weeks, most members appear to have found their way to our Discord server -- as of right now, we have 185 people on the server. Please continue to help members who have yet to make the switch, we don't want to leave anyone behind because they've been busy or rogue.

Now for the update: so far we have not encountered any major roadblocks to the transition. The one really significant technical hurdle, implementing PvP matchmaking on Discord, has now been largely completed. As such, we remain on track for an October 1 transition and do not anticipate any change to that schedule.

I know some people prefer TG's interface on mobile; I'm one of them. But as I've used Discord, it really has grown on me. If you're in that boat, just give it a chance and try it out. If you have any concerns about Discord as a platform, or suggestions or requests for how to improve our current implementation, please reach out to me, Evant, or James. We've made a number of changes based on feedback and we're always open to good ideas.


Glad to hear so many of us have found the new server! ^^ But I also know I'm part of at least twenty other Discord servers that I rarely communicate on.

How has the DC been finding general activity levels on Discord compared to TG? Have the Consuls reported similar activity levels as before? Of course we are still in the pre-launch phase, but something to be mindful of.

My reservations for Discord be known, but I've not seen anything close to the community on any Discord server that I've seen on TG.

My experience? Same level of busy. No change.

The only thing that really bugs me about the Discord app is that I cannot click and drag the title bar to move it around. Apart from that desperately first world problem, it has worked pretty well. I am another that prefers TG, but I appreciate the benefits that Discord will bring to the DB. Roles alone are enough to win me over.

I'm glad to hear that everything seems to be on track! As far as activity on vs the other, I'd probably report the same as Howie. It does feel like a couple of places (various Clan chats) have actually picked up a bit in terms of general activity though. I have noticed a lot more crossover communication, as the Plagueis chat channel has a good level of activity with folks in our unit interacting with people in other units, so it's good to see community engagement as a whole seems to be growing.

Personally. Vizsla members are more active on Discord. Myself included. Especially in other clan chats and General chats. The truth is I wasn't even a member of the DB general Chat on TG until I became Consul. If people are not seeing the same or increased levels of activity on the platform I wonder how many channels they have muted and hidden. Discord is a better program for the brotherhood as a whole and I am counting down the days until I can delete TG. Also James did a fantastic job on the PVP queue.

Discord is great now that we have an understanding of how the granular admin permissions/roles work to make sure each community can best manage their "corner" of the DB. I think it was great to see the willingness by the admins/DC to listen to feedback in real time and try/make changes (henlo Tourist role) that have lead to what will hopefully be a smoother migration between platforms.

I don't personally notice any difference because I already used to sit in every Clan chat (habit from being on the DC), so i'm used to the different Clan chats and glad to see that everyone is still vibing.

Like wow I prefer TG over Discord on the phone but I can live with it.

I’m liking the tourist role, this is the first time I’ve been in other clan chats since the IRC days.

That should have been “Like some…”

I have personally noticed a comparative decline in normal chatter, at least across fiction and art chat and the clan chats that I was part of on TG (cannot speak to the others I wasn't invited to at some point) but I am hoping that this changes after the official move out of pre testing phase as we become accommodated.

I have noticed a drop in activity at least the art chat more directly.

@howie I’ve noticed the same. I can’t speak for chats I am not in, though.

Agree, the chatter will likely increase once move is official.

Thanks to the DC crew for the hard work going into this move. And for those of us with five digit PINs, we will finally be able to say “Remember Telegram” like those who say “I miss IRC” 😂😂

Great work guys. Chat appears the same to me across the board. Glad to see everything going smoothly.

to me, both should stick around. when on the PC discord is great, but on the cell, it is too small of "fine print" for my damaged eyes. TG, I like that the DMs are more coordinated and on the same screen I can scrol; by with a quick swipe to get to others DMs to me. and TG works better for me on Cell.

Guess it is all a different chance. Like a precious posted, I am in like 30 other Discord rooms and rarely go on them except for a game here or there.

Another thing, with TG, I can get alerts in specific rooms and turn of/mute others, Discord, if I turn on any alerts, it does it for EVERY room. nothing like streaming and suddenly 20-50 alerts come through my headset, startling me when I am not expecting it.

that's my 2 cents worth

#MIRC #ICQ #MissThemBoth

Loving the move. Happy to get rid of TG the moment the switch is official.

@Brim - I’m confused on the issue. I am in about 8 servers, of which all but 2 are muted entirely. I pop into those other 6 as required but don’t get any alerts from them at all except for specific mentions by username/role.

On the DJB server, for example, I have the server as a whole unmuted, but the majority of channels muted. I don’t get notifications there unless I’m specifically tagged. Even in the unmuted channels (Viz for example), I don’t get alerts unless someone tags me.

You may need to fiddle with your notification settings if you’re getting pinged for every message.

Yeah, to echo Zoron, Brim, you can mute individual channel notifications. Additionally, it does look like Discord mobile (at least on my android) has font scaling, so you can increase the size of the text across the entire app. If you got to User Settings -> Appearance, there is a "Chat Font Scale" slider that will allow you to adjust that.

Man now I'm worried discord is gonna sink cuz y'all pick up trends like the uncool kids parents. Start using it and we gotta find the next hot thing

I'm glad that everything is on track and such. It's been a slow adjustment period, although I'll just warn everyone right that I am permanently invisible until I don't know when. So if I start talking, even though it looks like I'm not on, don't worry, I'll see messages and pings when I look in. The only thing that really bums me out/ makes me mad is that I can't use my stickers anymore. :(

I have seen a noticeable drop in communication across the main and clan channels I am in. On average, after half a day of not checking TG I'd routinely come back to hundreds of messages I've missed in TG general chat alone, not to mention clan and summit chats. Since the majority have switched, only once (and after three days) did I come back to Discord on my PC and see 50+ unread messages. Discord is just not mobile friendly. Or not nearly as much as TG is.

I tried the Discord app. I do not like it, not even a little bit. I will not be using it which means I will be out of communication compared to others and that's not a good thing for a summit to do, so I'll be reevaluating that as well.

It's really a shame TG is being dropped so quickly. I really like that program with it's ease of use, stickers, etc. I think we jumped the gun on this Discord move.

The Discord Mobile App is incredibly efficient and easy to use. I've found the integration into the site to be fantastic. It's super easy to find every chat. I don't have to go hunting for old DMs or Chats, because they're always in exactly the same place. Not sure if this is just because I've boosted, but I can use all of my emojis and stickers from across all of my Discord servers.

I think the best part about Discord is that new members are more likely to understand how to use it than Telegram. Accessibility and ease of on-boarding is probably the most important retention feature that we can have. Having voice integrated into our primary communications hub is also a HUGE plus. Its great for screen sharing, plus having easy access to who is online at all times is going to be great for new members, too, who can easily see who are Consuls and on the Dark Council.

I don't see a single advantage that Telegram has over Discord. I'm not even fully sold that moving from IRC was ever the right call, but I am absolutely and completely onboard with moving on to Discord. Blocking is so much better, for example.

Let's get this move done!

Blocking is nowhere near our radar for why this change is being made, but I agree that as a platform it has a wide variety of features. I personally love the fact I don't see whether there are unread messages in channels I have muted (which is very few).

A major point of this move is to strengthen our ties as a single community, to cross clan barriers and bring us closer together. Ease of access (only one invite link for the whole server, with the auto-role sync being a huge boon and eliminating the formerly necessary steps of having to figure out where the art channel is), a single place for all our text and voice channels, increasing the assistance we can offer newer (or even experienced members who may be having a problem) through screen-sharing, better moderation controls, these are all just sweet bonuses to the move.

I've been a proponent of moving to Discord for years and most recently one of the DCers alongside Idris and Atra who pushed this change so hard for several reasons, even to go so far as investing several hours of time into the original setup of the test server for the DC to get a feel for and I couldn't be happier that we're finally getting a move on.

I've noticed a large swath of communication in many channels on an almost daily basis, and have seen members that have refused to use Telegram for their own reasons pop-in and communicate with the club again. Some online Star Wars clubs have seen a huge boon in recruitment through their gaming platforms by being on the gamer's chat platform, so I think this change bodes well for the club as a whole.

Personally, I uninstalled Telegram a while ago (I can't even remember when), and it's been a blessing.

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