DJB Wiki Layout Guide


DJB Wiki Layout Guide

The Brotherhood's wiki is a mass of in-depth information for all facets of the Brotherhood, but especially for our members' characters. Our character pages fill out all the extra details that can't be captured by the Character Sheet, and allow us to create our own fictional histories within the Star Wars and DB universe.

Today, the Wiki Staff is happy to present the Wiki Layout Guide -- This is a special guide for the creation of Character Articles. We've taken the detailed rules from Wookieepedia to help members emulate the format used to design character pages.

For first time wiki creators, this guide will walk you through how your article should be set up and filled out, which will help you complete various, wiki-related promotion requirements.

Even if you already have a started or completed Character Article, you will find helpful tips on how to properly include images, quotations, and various templates and categories to your page.

As we move forward this year, the Wiki Staff will be putting more effort into creating a uniform style for the DB Wiki that better emulates the Wookieepedia. Hopefully, this new guide (and the future ones to come) will help you all construct a wiki page you can be proud to show off to other members and potential recruits.

Awesome! Great work!


most excellent now i just need to redo my wiki

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