Emerald Dagger: Abbey


Emerald Dagger: Abbey

Members of the Dark Brotherhood,

Reaver Satsi Tameike aka Abbey has recently concluded three years as Consul of Clan Arcona. Her dedication, commitment, and service to our club throughout this period is an example to all of us. She dedicated herself as a servant-leader and her efforts improved both Arcona and our club. Please see her Emerald Dagger Recommendation below and please take the time to congratulate her for her tremendous efforts.

The membership of the Dark Brotherhood consists of many talented and creative people. Within these numbers are a select few who distinguish themselves as future leaders of our club. In 2015, Abbey was one such member. It was apparent, to anyone with a brain, that Abbey was a superstar and destined to lead a Clan and more. I asked her to be Consul of Arcona because I knew she would succeed and I knew she would build upon Arcona's years of success. I was not mistaken.

Abbey has had a unique and potentially singular impact on our club. She is well respected (even loved) by many of our members, she is a creative force across a multitude of our activities, and she is a steady hand in times of crisis. I am fortunate to have had her as a Consul and our club is fortunate to have her as a member/leader in any capacity.

Abbey, I look forward to seeing you improve our club for years to come. Congratulations on a fantastic three years in charge of Arcona and Congratulations on your new Emerald Dagger.

GM Pravus

Woot! Congratulations. :)

Can't think of anyone that deserved this more, congratulations!

Congratulations Abbey! You deserve this so much!

Usually, I place this in the write up. I'm slipping. .67% of the members in our club's history have earned an Emerald Dagger (57). Of those 57, only 4 are below the rank of Elder 1. A little historical perspective.

Congratulations, Atty. Well earned for all you have done and continue to do in the club.

Yay bestie!!! I can't think of anyone else who is more deserving of the recognition. Keep being your awesome self. <3

It's been my greatest gift and honor to serve this clan and club. Thank you, everyone. <3

Congrats A4!

Congrats! Definitely well earned.

Congratulations on your dagger! I am now green with envy! xD

You're a guiding light to me in the club, as well as real life, granmaster! Thank you for the love and acceptance you force upon an undeserving world.

gleeful squealing



Congrats :3

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