Fading Light: ACC Tournament


Fading Light: ACC Tournament


A competition has been created for the Fading Light ACC tournament. Members can sign up for the competition at the following link: ACC Tournament of Awesome!!!

Sign ups will continue until 14 1159 May 2014 (EST! Warning: don't wait until the last minute to qualify or sign up. I'll have no mercy on you if you accidentally sign up late because you failed to adequately allocate your time and want to tell me a freak electrical storm knocked out your internet for two consecutive weeks).

Mav and I are finalizing the rules tonight. They will be sent to the Dark Council for review and the to our seven individual units for review. Rules will be posted to the entire club following this process.

Good luck and go qualify if you have not done so. The ACC and Voice staff are available to support and guide you through the qualification process.

*link fixed.

Seems the link doesn't work at the moment. Anyone else getting that?

Someone does not know how to code news updates properly, despite a decade of writing them. My apologies.

And you can actually sign up now. Good luck!

rubs Sarin

Two weeks of sign up time? I like it. I like it a lot.

So does this mean ACC is going live on this site, or will.remain in staging site?

2 weeks is too long, I want ACC noooow!! :P

Mortal WOMBAT!


I don't get it.

That's gonna be my mascot, as an Australian.

You see, the ACC is one on one combat. Just like in, say, Mortal Kombat, the video game (and movie/web series). I played on the word Kombat, by replacing it with Wombat. Thankfully kiwi got it :P.

Tarax strikes again!

Will Rogues be able to participate without belonging to a unit? The event simply lists that members must be ACC qualified to participate.

The fate of the universe will be decided as it should be. In... MORTAL KOMBAT! Or something.

Looking good, will enjoy reading about this one! :D

  1. ACC is ready to go live now. We have just been holding it back for the tournament.
  2. The tournament will be restricted to ACC members who are assigned to a house or clan. Rules will reflect that.

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