Fading Light ACC Tournament begins at 8pm EST TONIGHT!


Fading Light ACC Tournament begins at 8pm EST TONIGHT!

The Voice has encountered some technical difficulties, preventing him from posting this update, so has asked me to get this information out.

The Fading Light ACC Tournament will begin TONIGHT at 8pm Eastern time. Due to the fun that is timezones, 8pm tonight equates to midnight on May 17th for the timezone on which the server runs.

No extensions will be offered for Ladder matches, so it is imperative for those of you participating to be on the lookout tonight so you can get started writing sooner rather than later.

May the Force be with you!

ACC all the things!

I danced while sitting as I read this. I can not contain my excitement :P

We ran this time by the assembled summits and received unanimous support. Enjoy :p

I deny all allegations about being amenable and supportive to a consensus vote.

Also: Midnight UTC = 1 AM British Standard Time, and 10AM Australian Eastern Standard Time, Both on May 17th. No I am not calculating other timezones :P

So the brackets will be released then as well?

Yes. With some sort of lengthy explanation of how Mav + Sarin + Kalen went out of our ways to ensure randomness and fairness in match pairings.

and then the complaints?

Yes, that is the way of things :P

Halc, get a head start, begin complaining now.

Something something bias! :P


The competition is being run by a Taldryan member, a Grand Master with roots in Arcona/Ronin/Plagueis/Revan/Arcona, and a Dark Council that covers nearly every other Clan. We should be pretty bias free. Plus, I want to try a new Clan when I retire. I can't enrage people, yet!


There's always gonna be someone to complain. No matter how ridiculously fair it is, It's bound ta happen.

Can't wait ta read up on all the exciting battles. Goodluck everyone!!

ewww, you were in Ronin of Alvaak? (I think I knew that..)

Much tournament, very excite, wow

Pravus you can always Join HOU. It's a House/Clan you haven't tried yet.

Convert somewhere else, Jedi :P

Good luck to all participants.



Man, the uproar if these things hit at 8:01 :P

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