Fading Light III: Results


Fading Light III: Results


The Club Wide Competition, Fading Light III, is complete. Here are your individual and unit scores + bonus participation stats.

Individual Scoring

1, Rial. PVP Score of 322 (616 wins, 1178 matches played)
2. Andrelious. PVP Score of 224 (414 wins, 762 matches played)
3. Dante. PVP Score of 160 (218 wins, 297 matches played)

Multiple gamers played more matches, but Dante's PVP score moved him to 3rd place.

1. Halc
2. Goat
3. Shad

DJK Blarex of Arcona placed 5th and beat all other Equites in the event! Congrats to him too!

1. Kooki (Solved in 169 Seconds)
2. Andrelious (Solved in 220 Seconds)
3. Benevolent (Solved in 288 Seconds)

We have a few individuals finish the puzzle faster, but not 100% correctly.

1. Howlader (Solved in 8 minutes)
2. Andrelious (Solved in 11 minutes)
3. Shad (Solved in 12 minutes)

The next closest trivia 100% was solved in 49 minutes.

1. Marick Arconae
2. Rhiann Baenre
3. Aynar d'Tana

2 x additional judges blind graded this event in order to help achieve the fairest placings.

Individual Higher Scorer: Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj, Clan Arcona

Independent Unit Scoring

1) Arcona (60 Points)
2) Taldryan (45 Points)
3) Tarentum (20 Points)
4) HOU (10 Points)
5) CNS (10 Points)
6) CSP (5 Points)
7) Plagueis (0 Points)

Scoring was determined by Nova placement.

Unit Participation Stats

1. Clan Arcona 19/68 (0.279)
2. Clan Plagueis 9/43 (0.209)
3. Clan Taldryan 9/48 (0.188)
4. House Scholae Palatinae 6/33 (0.182)
5. Clan Naga Sadow 5/40 (0.125)
6. House Odan-Urr 5/53 (0.094)
7. House Tarentum 2/28 (0.071)

1. Clan Arcona 25/68 (0.368)
2. House Odan-Urr 19/53 (0.358)
3. Clan Taldryan 16/48 (0.333)
4. House Tarentum 9/28 (0.321)
5. Clan Plagueis 13/43 (0.302)
6. Clan Naga Sadow 11/40 (0.275)
7. House Scholae Palatinae 9/33 (0.273)

1. Clan Arcona 21/68 (0.309)
2. Clan Naga Sadow 11/40 (0.275)
3. Clan Taldryan 11/48 (0.229)
4. House Odan-Urr 9/53 (0.17)
5. House Scholae Palatinae 5/33 (0.152)
6. Clan Plagueis 6/43 (0.14)
7. House Tarentum 3/28 (0.107)

1. Clan Arcona 31/68 (0.456)
2. Clan Taldryan 20/48 (0.417)
3. House Tarentum 11/28 (0.393)
4. House Odan-Urr 20/53 (0.377)
5. House Scholae Palatinae 10/33 (0.303)
6. Clan Plagueis 13/43 (0.302)
7. Clan Naga Sadow 12/40 (0.3)

1. Clan Arcona 24/68 (0.353)
2. House Odan-Urr 15/53 (0.283)
3. Clan Taldryan 12/48 (0.25)
4. Clan Naga Sadow 9/40 (0.225)
5. House Tarentum 5/28 (0.179)
6. Clan Plagueis 7/43 (0.163)
7. House Scholae Palatinae 5/33 (0.152)

Congratulations to Arcona for leading the participation in every single event.


Arcona will have their choice of a Nebula, Republic, or ISD II. Taldryan will choose from the two remaining. Tarentum will receive the final ship. HOU will pick up a shiney (or old) VSD. These ships will come free of cost and will not be subtracted from your overall Fleet Points from FL3. Additional fleet points will be merited out over the next few days.

  • As always, if you notice a mistake above. Let me know in the comments section under this report.

Congratulations to everyone!

And yay for my first Nova!

I'll have details on fiction stuff in my report later this week, for those curious. A great many awesome stories written for the event, and I enjoyed reading them!

Well done, all!

Great job, everyone, and grats!

And those numbers! I'm damn proud to be part of this Clan. <3 Arcona Invicta.

Hell yeah, Invicta baby. Congrats to everyone!

Great turn out! I'm proud of Arcona and great job everyone who participated and worked to bring us this.

Arcona Invicta baby!!


There's no pie chart. :(

Congrats to Arcona on winning the last of the three rounds. I'm anxious to see the full Fading Light results :)

Sooo many categories.

Well done Arc once again. Fine job you've done, and by the rest of the DJB units as well! I was pleasantly surprised to see such a unique turn in ratios.

And I agree with Tarax: I think I'm going blue holding my breath in anticipation!

Great work by everyone!

Congrats to all

Well done!

Also, very impressive turnaround from the judges. Easy to take this for granted, but you guys put in work the last few days to get this out so quickly. Thanks.

So pleased to see Tarentum managed third

Yes! Let's hear it for the Judges and all the behind the scenes work that went into a successful event.



Congrats to everyone. Very impressed with the execution from those running the event, and Arcona getting top participation in every event single event. Nice work.

W00t! Tarentum Momentum and HOU Hype!

Nice job to everyone that won, as well as all the people that took part. I had a lot of fun in this last planet (and am thrilled with the 2nd place, as I'd not been expecting my Disney Reboot storyline to do that well, so am pleased to know it was actually possible to understand what my story was about :P).

Well done everyone and great job in a quick turnaround.

Congrats to the winners and all who took part, and of course the judges for some speedy grading.

Congratulations, everyone!

Huzzah! Well done!

btw.. like... Bubba was the traitor and stuff... we gunna get a fiction update as to how that played out soon Sarin? :P

Bubba is the mother.

Yacks, there is a fiction update coming, but we wanted to get our results out as soon as possible, even if it meant the fiction's arrival would be disjointed with results.

(since this isn't clear from my post at all: The results of FL3 are also going to be part of the update... so we needed results done first before we could finish it :) )

Absolutely the worst.

Fiction update is coming. We have a little meeting to go over a few of the final details and add in our winners from this past round. Then my poor writing has to be unfucked by Mav/Shad or whoever draws the short straw for editing.

I dont know why, but I giggle like a school girl when Sarin says the F word. :P

Because he's an officer and a gentleman and you don't expect him to speak such terrible words? :P

Good work on all the participation. Loved getting my butt handed to me by Rial, Dante and eventually Delak. Also, I would argue that Sarin did not drop the f-bomb because the usage of the prefix "un" would show the reversal of the words meaning.

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