Fading Light: New First Clan and Heroes!


Fading Light: New First Clan and Heroes!

The completion of Fading Light III has also brought about the completion of the Fading Light series of competitions. We have combined the Unit and Individual scores from all three rounds and have crowned a new First Clan of the Brotherhood and a new First Hero of the Brotherhood!

Clan Standings

1) First Clan of the Brotherhood: Taldryan (155 Points)
2) Arcona (100 Points)
3) Plagueis (50 Points)
4) Tarentum (20 Points)
5) HOU (10 Points)
6) CNS (10 Points)
7) CSP (5 Points)

We owe you Fleet Points and will crunch the numbers shortly (You don't want me doing the math).

Heroes of the Brotherhood

1) 1st Hero of Fading Light: DJM Aidan Kincaid (Two Golds and a Silver)
2) 2nd Hero of Fading Light: DP Halcyon Rokir Taldrya (Two Golds)
3) 3rd Hero of Fading Light: DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (One Gold and One Bronze)

Slight Edit, we did not have a tie for 3rd Place. Congrats to Yacko on his solitary placing!

Final Stats

1) 24 Teams and 122 members participated in the run-on.
2) The run-on produced 255,289 words of original Star Wars fan fiction.
3) 63 ACC Combatants participated in the ACC Tournament
4) 7 Unique ACC Venues were written and over 80 matches were graded.
5) FLIII had over 100,000 words of original Star Wars fan fiction written.
6) FLIII had over 739 unique gaming submissions (many submissions had multiple games played!)

Great work everyone!

Congratulations, everyone!

Congrats to the other heroes, as well as everyone who participated and partook in the events. To all my people in Taldryan? Congratulations on bringing it home.

These stats would be easier to read if they were in the form of a pie chart. Just saying.

Congrats to Arcona and Plagueis rounding up the Top 3, also Congrats to Shad, Halc, Wally, and Yacks on their Hero titles; I expect the haring of 3rd Hero between Wally and Yacks might cause some confusion. :P

First Clan of the Brotherhood...it's like we never stopped. :P

No, we stopped. For like 5+ years? :P

Congrats everyone.


Congrats Shad, Halc, Yacks, and Wally specifically, and more generally to everyone else who placed.

Sweet job to everyone, especially Taldryan for coming out on top again (well, except for that Yacko person, for being all weird, er, esoteric.)

Best part? We can go hibernate for a few months!

Congratulations Taldryan! And the four heroes.

Nicely done! Those stats are incredible. Grats to the heroes!

Congratulations, to all those who participated and a even bigger congratulations to those Clans and Individuals who rose/returned to prominence throughout the course of Fading Light.

Congrats to all! But more importantly.. #TarentumMomentum !!

Congrats all

Well done everyone! Another fun and successful vendetta!

Well done everyone! Another fun and successful vendetta!

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