Fist application details


Fist application details

As the Grand Master recently announced, our Fist has stepped down and we have another vacancy to fill on the Dark Council. We will be looking for an individual that not only knows gaming in this club and can improve it, but also someone that can communicate and collaborate in a team environment with the Dark Council and the Clans. Based upon feedback from the last application process, we are trying to provide a bit more direction on some things we are interested in for the application itself. Note that what we say here is not all that should be in a good application, but these are elements specific to the Fist office.

In our new Fist, we are looking for an individual to manage our gaming systems, improve membership experience in the realm of gaming, and help ensure that members receive up to date and clear information on DB gaming rules and new game updates as they come. The Fist should work with the Dark Council to implement new opportunities for members and the Consuls throughout the Brotherhood to ensure that members across the club have a chance to participate in and enjoy all of what gaming has to offer. He or she should manage an involved staff such that competitions are varied and common for platforms and gaming items are quickly approved, though the precise way in which the staff functions is at the discretion of the Fist. We expect our new Fist to take a solid, quantitative approach to platform evaluation, and build on the recent success of platforms added this year, while continuing to find ways to ensure that Star Wars games are well supported. We expect the Fist's office to keep up to date with all platforms we play, and provide regular information to members on major patches/updates/expansions of active platforms as they come.

The Fist is open to all members regardless of present rank or position, and we expect applications to cover at minimum the following general items, although not necessarily in the order below and in any format the applicant desires.

  • Provide us with your thoughts on gaming in the club in general. Your application should identify any meaningful weaknesses in the gaming aspects of our club, and how to deal with them.
  • Provide a plan for evaluation and development for Tier 1 platforms in general, and details where relevant of how to handle Tier 2 platforms moving forward, especially those with considerable activity. Note you are not necessarily restricted here by actions or categories of past Fists, but Star Wars games will always have a special place in the club. You may identify specific platform plans here, but this point is as much about a general strategy for platforms as it is any specific strategy.
  • Provide details on how you would administer/manage the Fist staff to handle the large number of games and gaming activities supported by the club.
  • Detail any gaming related projects or events you have administered or run that would provide context as to why you would be a good choice for Fist. Fist staff experience, while a plus, is not a requirement.
  • Provide ideas for potential Vendetta competitions you would run as Fist (e.g. as during a Feud or Great Jedi War, focusing on the mechanics/platforms and not worrying about storyline). You may believe present Vendetta gaming strategies are the best option and this is fine. This section will not be a primary selection criteria, but we are curious if individuals have other ideas of how to implement gaming during events like Feuds and Great Jedi Wars.

Other thoughts:
-If you for some reason believe a massive system change is necessary, ensure that any such change does not require coding by contacting the SCL; if it does, features that could utilize our existing structures on a preliminary basis would be more welcome than those requiring effort on the part of the coding team to get off the ground.

-Applications containing proposals regarding adjustment of the GMRG are okay, but know that anything that may require coding changes should be passed by the SCL first. Further, there is a good proposal by the Fist staff to update/overhaul the GMRG and the incoming Fist will have a chance to review and weigh in on that, so it is not required that Fist applications provide any adjustments to the GMRG, although they may at applicants discretion.

If for some reason we have additional criteria we wish addressed, we will contact applicants after submission with additional questions.

Applications should be submitted to both the Grand Master and myself. We will plan on making a decision on/around October 2nd.

Good luck to all applicants! Positions like Fist can end up being very thankless when people disagree with your views on game support and CF/CE balancing.

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