Fist: Open for Applications


Fist: Open for Applications

Dark Jedi Brotherhood,

Our beloved Valhavoc has announced his retirement and will be stepping down from the position of Fist. We will accept applications from 27 January 2016 until 15 February 2016 (Note, we reserve the right to make a selection prior to the application deadline).


1) Applicants must be of the rank of EQ1 or higher.
2) Applicants must have extensive knowledge of the Dark Brotherhood gaming platforms and systems.
3) Applicants must not have JST punishments related to cheating.
4) Applicants should address current CF balancing (trust me, Diablo CFs need a look at again :p).
5) Applications should address current gaming trends and potential outreach to low gaming Clans.
6) Applications should address support for future gaming venues and should do so in detail (types of games, names of games, ect)

The Fist is one of the most challenging positions within the Dark Brotherhood and often faces a level of scrutiny that only the MAA surpasses. Applicants must be even keeled, good humored, and ready to accept a high level of (un)fair criticism. If you have a history of going nuclear, this may not be the job for you.

Please submit your applications to Mav and Sarin. CC Jac, Monty, and Val.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for your service Val! You'll be missed. Good luck to all applicants!

Thanks for the hard work, Val.

Job. Well. Done.

Thank you for all the amazing hard work and for your willingness to be open to whatever random idea's I threw at you!!!

That'll do, Val. That'll do. Thanks for your awesomeness :)

Looking forward to seeing who the next one is!

Thanks again, Val. You the best.

As I said in Val's last report, he's leaving big shoes to fill. I hope the next one will have the strong character that requires to handle this difficult position.

Thank you Val, you have shown how a good FIST has to be!

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