Fist Staffing Announcement


Fist Staffing Announcement

Staffing Announcement

I have decided to end the application period for M:Fist earlier than originally planned. Ernordeth has decided to step away from the Fist office in order to focus on other aspects of the DB. Ernor has been an incredible asset to the Fist team, serving as Praetor during the tenure of three Fists. His contributions to gaming and this club have truly made this gaming community what it is today, and for that I am extremely grateful. Please take a moment to thank him for all of his hard work, and I wish him nothing but continued success as he focuses all of his efforts on his Quaestor duties.

With Ernor’s departure from the office, I had to pull the trigger early on selecting new staff members. I received a lot of very good applications, and in the end, two really caught my eye.

And so, onto the announcements!


New Praetor

Edgar Drachen has assumed the mantle of Praetor to the Fist. Edgar’s application was extremely detailed and highlighted some areas that I have been very interested in addressing. Edgar is no stranger to the gaming community, and I am looking forward to seeing what he will bring to the Fist staff.

New Magistrate

I want to welcome Ranarr Kul to the team as my newest Magistrate. Ranarr will serve a six-month term where he will learn how the Fist office and gaming system works, help to implement new ideas, serve as a Docent for one of our Shadow Academy courses, and help with updating more of our old, outdated wiki pages.


Please take the time to congratulate both of these gentlemen when you get the chance. I’m excited to have them on the team, and can’t wait to see what they will do as we move into the new year.



Congrats to Edgar and Ranaar, and an enormous thank you to Ernor.

Congrats to the new hires, but also thank you so much, Ernordeth for everything you've done for the gaming community over these past few years. <3

Well earned indeed, each of you. I wish you good fortune and success in your tenures to come.

Thank-you Ernor for all your hard work, seriously good job. And good luck to our incumbent staff, make us proud

Congrats you all!!

Congrats to the new guys! I hope to see continued success for the gaming community!

Congrats guys!

Gratz guyz! Thank you Ernor for your service!

Way to go Ranarr, way to go Drachen. I look forward to seeing how you serve in your new positions. ^^

And yes thank you Ernor for your service to the FIST office. ^^

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