Fist Supplemental #18.1: Praetor and Magistrate Applications Open


Fist Supplemental #18.1: Praetor and Magistrate Applications Open


Applications Open: P:Fist and M:Fist (x2)

In Fist Report #17, I mentioned that I would be rotating some of my staff out in order to give others the opportunity to serve on a DC-level staff. The current staff is one of the best I have had in my tenure as Fist, and while it is difficult for me to let them go, it is also necessary to ensure that new ideas are brought into the office from time to time. Therefore, effective immediately I am taking applications for Praetor and two Magistrates.

All three positions will transition on 1 June, so there is nearly a month for you to refine and submit an application. Here is what I am looking for in each position:

Praetor Requirements

My Praetor is my right hand man/woman and will be expected to help me run the office with all day-to-day administration. This position is open to all members of the DJB, rank immaterial. Members with prior service on the Fist staff will be free to submit an application, including all current staff members. P:FIST will be a one year (max) gig. The person selected for Praetor will be in charge of managing the magistrates, specifically on DJB-Wide gaming competition creation, and processing of gaming submissions. Additionally, I will expect the praetor to write a monthly report discussing game updates, sales, and other general gaming knowledge. Edgar, the current Praetor has done some outstanding work over the past year. The person who takes over will have some big shoes to fill.

The responsibilities of the P:Fist include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing and overseeing the admin queue for all gaming activities
  • Ensuring magistrates maintain the 24 hour or less activity approval timeline
  • Task magistrates with one monthly gaming competition, with at least one Flash, Mobile, and regular gaming event each month.
  • Assist in managing staff task tracker Google Spreadsheet.
  • Assist in monitoring Wiki for any necessary updates
  • Ensure full support of current Fist policies and procedures when responding to inquiries
  • Assist in managing the DB Gaming telegram room
  • Assist in managing current and/or drafting new Shadow Academy gaming courses
  • Freedom to develop and work on side projects without compromising any of the above items
  • Fill duties of Fist in the event of Fist’s absence


Magistrate Requirements

My magistrates are responsible for reviewing and approving gaming submissions, setting up and running monthly gaming and mobile gaming events, and assisting with revisions to the wiki. These are six month positions. I have three magistrates, with two transitioning now. Magistrates do the day to day work in the office. They process gaming submissions in less than 24 hours, run DB-Wide gaming competitions, and review and edit wiki pages where needed.

What I’m looking for in applicants:

  • No minimum rank requirement. All may apply!
  • Baseline understanding of the Rites of Combat
  • Consistent Telegram presence and Email turnaround of 24 hours
  • A positive attitude
  • A desire to learn and be part of a team
  • At least one idea on how to make gaming better within the club


I am not asking for a specific format for applications. You can pdf, PowerPoint. Word doc, or write it in crayon. Just tell me why you think you are the best person for the job.

All apps must be in to me by 30 May. Email them to [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Good luck to all!


-Dracpool, out.


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