Gaming Competition Leaderboard and other GJW Gaming Info


Gaming Competition Leaderboard and other GJW Gaming Info

James is awesome and has created a Leaderboard for the GJW Gaming Competition, read on to find out specifics and how it updates. Info on how to play if you disconnected from an opponent during the GJW. Lastly, a plea to help me maintain my sanity over the next 12 days.

Gaming Ladder Leaderboard now available

Great news everyone! James has completed and implemented a Leaderboard for the ongoing Gaming Competition for our GJW. You can view the top scores on the site at the Competition itself, or by following this link.

It is important to note that this Leaderboard updates as I approve PVP Matches. I typically begin approving at midnight UTC and approve the past 24 hours. This leaves Matches which were recently submitted still in the que in the (not so) off chance that there is an error which a submitter realizes later. Related to those matches, just over 72 hours in we have 199 Matches submitted to the event, which is almost equal to the amount submitted for the entire last round. Awesome to see all the gaming going on!

Be sure to get in on some of the X-Wing Series, they're weighted heavily compared to Pazaak based on the amount of time it takes to play them.

How to play if you disconnect

This has come up a few times. Part of me doesn't want to put out any hard rules on it, my brain disagrees based on past experience though. Even though its basically, "Do what seems right and fair", here's my guidelines for each of the platforms this round:


If you disconnect or the server errors out (never happens right?) the number of hands you have previously played will continue to the next Match. The existing hand you had will be replayed. I know the Pazaak server is glitchy, but if you're seeing a significant amount of disconnects consider giving it a few minute break and then trying again. Pretty sure its traffic is getting increased by a significant margin with the DB folks hitting it.

Example: Pravus and I have played 3 hands of Pazaak. He won 2, I won 1. In the third hand the server freezes up on us, I had a 17. We restart a new game, and play until either Pravus wins one more (making it his 3rd win) or I sweep 2 more (making it my 3rd win).

X-Wing Series

Remaining person connected should determine current kill count and time left. Restart game and play for the remaining time, use previous scores and new scores to determine winner.

IRC Names Request

So this isn't something I'm forcing on anyone, but a genuine request related to your IRC Names in DBGaming. I've reviewed 199 matches for 45 different members so far. Trying to track down when challenges go out and ensuring they were done for a match is a pain already, sometimes matches don't get reported right after they end and I'm stuck scrolling back and forth in DBGaming. Please... please... use an IRC nick similar to your Dossier Name. There some of the old crusty dudes I know (Yacks, M', etc), but I don't know everyone's preferred IRC nick to dossier conversion.

Your clan might know you by your IRC nickname Hotlips, but I probably won't connect that to JH Houlihan on the website. Especially if you've just changed your dossier name from JH Margaret. (If anyone can't name that TV show...)

I would GREATLY appreciate if you all could use similar nick's to your Dossier, to both help me find your match/challenge and to ensure that your opponent knows who they're reporting for and gets the right opponent.

Happy gaming folks!

James it the shit, that leaderboard is amazing, well done all around!

Suuuuuuuuicide is paaaaainless!

Sith Warlord Vahavoc's plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan.

It spun in.

There were no survivors.

Is that a MASH reference? Nice show.

Yay Gaming Scores! Booo sore-losers/dis-connectors!

Absolutely a MASH reference, and Shad even has the lyrics to the introduction song. Which... if you've ever actually listened to... is kind of messed up!

Not as messed up as you think. If you recall the original movie - the song was written for the character that wanted to kill himself. Written by the teenage kid of the director in like 5 minutes or something of the sort - don't recall exact specifics............but I'm a huge MASH fan so I know dumb shit like this lol.

Poor Pazaak server... You are not prepared!

the Pazaak server has trouble handling 2 players sometimes so I don't think it's ever prepared.


Great work on the leaderboard, James!

Weird IRC names when submitting gaming scores, grrrr...

well the intro is a walk on Am After that a casual Dm7 G7 C Am7. Add in some A7's and G's. One of the first songs I learned :P

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