Gaming Update #1


Gaming Update #1

Hey peeps,

Time for an update from your friendly FIST. I'll keep this short, sweet and straight to the point. I have recently made a few changes to the Brotherhood gaming system and they are as follows:

Battlefront Changes:

After play testing the Battlefront Survival platform with Ernordeth and talking with a few other members of the Brotherhood it has been decided to drop the current CE totals earned for this game mode. The changes are as follows:

  • Survival: Endor - 4 down to 2.5
  • Survival: Hoth - 4 down to 2.5
  • Survival: Sullust - 4 down to 2.5
  • Survival: Tatooine - 4 down to 2.5
  • Survival: Ice Caves - Added at 2.5

This will stay as it currently is, due to the difficulty on each map as well as the time taken, to keep balance in the current CE system.

RoC changes:

I would like to take the time to point you to the Rites of Combat

Currently there have been a few changes that I want to make people aware of and I would like to point out the following:

Use of IRC:

  • You must set up 1v1 matches using the Fist-O-Matic bot for matches to be eligible to count towards Clusters during any games.

  • All matches against another member (Player versus Player or PVP) must be set up through #dbgaming, not through IRC PM's or any other chat service.

  • If PVP matches are found that were not set up in #dbgaming, those matches will be deleted.

  • If games are not set up using FIST-O-Matic they will be declined for rewards.

FIST-O-Matic Policy:

  • Members must not idle when signed up for matches.
  • If a member is AFK or miss bot matches the following rule will be implemented:

  • First time: The member will be warned by a member of the FIST Office through email to the member.

  • Second time: A warning via email will be sent to the member and their summit informing them of the violation.

  • Third Time: The member will receive a two week long PvP gaming ban for violation to this rule.

  • Fourth time: The member will receive a month long PVP gaming ban for constant violation to this rule.

These changes will come into effect immediately and will hold members to account so please make sure you are up to date on the RoC.

Pendant of Blood Changes:

The last thing is there have been some changes to the way you can now submit for Pendants of Blood. When submitting for Pendants of Blood for gaming, you have the option to submit one screenshot for multiple pendants. These still need to be for the Max Level/Legacy and please state when you are submitting the screenshots what they are for as the FIST Staff will be checking each one, so help make our lives easier.

That's it for now. Until next time people, have fun gaming. If you have any concerns please feel free to email myself or the staff, or hit us up on Telegram.

Cethgus Tiberius Entar FIST of the Brotherhood

Thanks for the update, Stu!

Awesome update! Keep up the good work.

Some good changes!

All the good info

I have a little scenario that I wanted clarification on. So for example there's a Clan competition, and you just want to face off against a Clan mate for it, because the competition itself is just about facing off against the Clan (or perhaps it's a Clan Feud and we're facing another Clan). In this instance, what happens when someone outside of this specific competition is logged in. I only want to participate in this specific competition and don't want to face someone else in a random match. Is there a way around this or what would be the best solution for these cases?

Hey all,

I will refer to Cethgus on how to handle the situation outlined by Halc in the current situation, but I wanted to explain how the new matchmaking bot that's under development will handle these cases.

The main issue with feuds bypassing the regular matchmaking/challenging system (regardless of whether a bot is used or not) is that any duels are currently considered for the calculation of PvP scores for the Weekly Pendant of Blood. Hence, the upcoming bot will allow making a choice between the following options when joining the queue for a platform:

a) Join the general queue for the chosen platform
b) Join the queue for the chosen platform, committed to a certain competition
c) Join the queue for the chosen platform, exclusively for a certain competition

This choice will both affect the method of matching people up with potential opponents, as well as result in the resulting PvP submission being included or excluded for the competition and/or weekly PvP scores:

a) will match people up with the first available opponent (that has been unmatched in the queue the longest). The submission will count towards Weekly PvP, but not towards a competition
b) will prioritize people playing the same competition, but will fall back to people in other competitions or the general queue otherwise. Matches will count for Weekly PvP as well as the specified competition. Note that this is also how the case of two different competitions for both participants will be handled.
c) will only match you up with other people playing your specified competition, and the submission will not count towards weekly PvP

Hope this will solve these issues. Please contact me on Telegram if you spot any issues with this.

Fantastic question from Halcyon. Currently, all members participating in matches occurring for Clan feuds or Clan competitions will be given the ability to choose to set up a specific Telegram/IRC channel for challenges to be made and matches to be paired up that way. This would fall under the responsibility of the Consuls/Proconsuls to make sure that it follows the correct RoC rules. This is only a solution until James gets the new FIST-O-Matic bot working, as he stated in his previous response to this. Meaning that the FIST staff would have to be informed of the channel being created and the competition that it is specifically being run for (Clan event comps). This will only be accepted until we get the updated FIST-O-Matic into play, then it will become possible to sort this out via FIST-O-Matic. I hope this answers your question, if you have anything else please hit me up on Telegram. However matches set up in this way will be Manually excluded from PoB.

So a question about the survival modes on Battlefront: Have you guys taken the difficulties into consideration? I only ask because Nero and I were doing them earlier on Master, and it was considerably harder. It might be worth a modifier.


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