GJW Gaming: On Conduct and Consequences


GJW Gaming: On Conduct and Consequences

We are now just over 120 hours into Round 2 of the Great Jedi War. To say that I have had a small amount of issues with conduct in Gaming would be an understatement. I have tried to handle this cheerfully and endeavored to keep a friendly atmosphere. That has not worked so far. First a disclaimer: If you have been playing by the rules and doing your best to keep your matches pleasant for your opponents and fair, this is not directed at you. Do not be offended.

If you're out there looking for loopholes to leap through to earn a piece of digital bling, and are willing to compromise your integrity to do so then make no mistake, this is not a polite warning. This is the Fist laying down how things are going to run for the remainder of this competition, and continued jackassery will not be handled kindly.

In the last five days I've observed the following issues:

  • Match Dodging (one instance valid)
  • Intentional delay of game (to prevent another member from playing an opponent before end of day)
  • Intention delay of game (clearly done only to troll another member)
  • Dropping Matches to negate previously played hands scores
  • Dropping Matches to improve side deck
  • Forfeiting Matches (clarified below)

The above listed items have all been addressed with the individuals who were involved with them.

In the last 24 hours I have issued a warning for Match Dodging to one member and applied a 3 day Gaming Ban to a second member for unsportsmanlike conduct following an initial warning about their behavior. These issues are being taken very seriously.

The Forfeited Match I referred to was an incident when one member had lost the first two Matches, was frustrated and gave away the third match without playing it. Obviously this has some serious implications if it were to be allowed. The ROC already addresses Forfeit Matches, short version is that you need to contact the Fist to determine if the match will be valid. Long version available on the wiki.

In terms of conduct issues that have been brought up to me, there have been more in less than five days of Pazaak than in the entire previous Round of JA and TOR. Following several reports, both by the DGM and Unit Leaders, about gaming conduct. That in and of itself is absolutely ridiculous. We're talking about an automated card game. Its not something like swaying which someone could do without even knowing what it is. You have to go out and TRY to cheat at this game. There needs to be thought put into exactly what part of this tiny and simple game can be twisted to provide a near non-existent advantage in an online club's competition.

And now for a few reminders of provisions the ROC allows in dealing with issues:

Match Dodging: Escalates from a Warning, to a 3 Day Gaming Ban (which will apply during the GJW) with email to Justicar and loss of awards, and finally to a 1 Month Gaming Ban with loss of awards and anything more the Justicar would like to apply.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Initial warning, followed by a ban (length TBD by the Fist, GM, and DGM based on the incident)

Falsifying Matches: Letter of Reprimand, removal of awards, 3 Month Gaming Ban

I did not enjoy writing this News Post. I'd much rather see the top News Post (with default view!) on our site be the one below it about Episode VIII and IX release dates. Our Club is better than this. All of our Members have the potential to be better than this. Lets keep the remainder of this event clean folks.

Carry on.


Pazaak gets moved to Tier 2!!! I might try to create this and have it hosted through the DB website so a) we have better connection than their crappy server, b) we can have logs that tell us if someone is cheating, and c) it can look nicer and we can remove the ranks/give everyone all the cards.

Nice post Val, I'm very glad this was addressed!

I had joined the dbgaming channel for the first time the other day, and about ten minutes later I had seen a LOT of unsportsmanlike conduct. Yes, it's a competition, but Pazaak is really a LUCK-based game...just enjoy it! Being primarily a gamer myself, I'd like to not have to see that again the next time I go to participate in a gaming competition. I state this so that other people participating understand that, when they act this way, it impacts more people than themselves and their opponent.

@DJK Nobilus - So is the change of becoming T2 taking effect after this round/GJW?

I can help development on our own pazaak game. If needed...

Also just to include how awesome this looks the future of gaming! - http://www.theladbible.com/articles/first-image-of-star-wars-battlefront-game-looks-amazing

Nobilus is talking random things. There are no plans to take Pazaak to Tier 2 right now.

@Rulvak: No, it was just me wishing it would become T2 :P

@Frosty: I'll let you know if we ever get that opportunity — I already have the cards designed for both Pazaak and Sabacc

@UJi: Cannot freaking wait for this game and it better be in the next vendetta after its release

@Val: Shut up! Maybe I am secretly plotting to take over as Fist and completely eliminate Pazaak all together! :P

Sheesh. People still match dodging? Hell, I barely get on as it is and find few that even play the game.

Instead of dodging, just see if I'm on and play me. I can use the cfs.

@Nibbles now that's what a dark Jedi does, schemes to subplant a master. Lol

I match dodged, not on purpose though. Was getting my arse kicked in pazaak and sick and tired of it, got challanged and didnt really think and declined it. then rage quit. Whilst the warning was fair it definitly wasnt an intentional match dodge. But pazaak sure does bring out the ugly in me sometimes ^^

this is just deflating


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