GJW Round 2: Puzzle Error


GJW Round 2: Puzzle Error

Hey all,

As some of you might have noticed, the Round 2 puzzle code contained an error, causing two decoys to appear, and one set of symbols to contain only three symbols.

I have just fixed the issue, but this has caused all puzzles to be reshuffled and regenerated. To ensure everybody gets the same chances with their new puzzle, I have reset everybody's subscription and timer, so you'll have to resubscribe to see the new puzzle. Also make sure to solve this new puzzle should you have saved the old one on your hard drive by any chance.

I will be approaching those who already submitted to the puzzle separately through e-mail.

Apologies for the inconvenience

Ah... so now it all makes sense.

dbb0t is Esoteric. James is fighting for control over his creation but losing.

Poor codemonkey.. undone by his own genius.

Would you like to play a game?

When I first woke up and saw this email I thought it said Ernor instead of Error

I enjoy the "derp" tag at the bottom right of this news post. Thanks for fixing the puzzle, James.

If we decide to keep our previous submission, will it still count for placement? (I pointed out the error inside of the submission)

Quite glad that we got a chance to redo it. I cut my time down by 11 minutes.

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