GJW XII Complete


GJW XII Complete

Great Jedi War XII has now finished!

As the Great Jedi War comes to a close, I wanted to congratulate all of you on a hard fought effort and an incredible event! Twenty seven competitions and five weeks later, we have reached the finish line. Participation was exceptional across the event, as we received more than 1600 total entries across the three phases - not counting all of the many team events. Members from across the Brotherhood exceeded expectations and gave the Collective - and other Clans - quite a run for their money!

With the event finished, you can expect additional posts from the Dark Council soon, including fictional updates, preliminary results, and feedback requests. We are aiming for final results end of next week, because the holiday coming up here for some of us will require a break in our grading, but there will be updates prior to the final results.

Congratulations again... and see all of you again soon!

This was exciting and a lot of fun with work going into it on both ends. Glad to be a part of it and a participant. Grats everyone.

Now we got some waiting ahead of us.

I did enjoy my first War. Thanks to folks for playing and thanks to those who organized the War. ^^

Thank you dark council for this awesome war. Enjoyed it to infinity and beyond. I was like a leaf on the wind when wash gpt harpooned. :)

Well done, everyone

Thanks to our Dark Council who put this together and ran it only a couple months! Congrats to all the winners TBA

I had a lot of fun in my first War. Thank you all for your hard work in organizing it

If not for that unnecessary 'break week' in the middle of the war you could have avoided timing the end near to Xmas lite.

Just saying.

Very well done. Can't wait to see how everything fairs. I also can't wait to see how the "fiction" unfolds and who from this crazy house helps tell it.

The site is no longer gold and shiny, thanks Mav. In all seriousness, I'm glad I can get back to sleeping normally now. I predict a busy Panda in the days and weeks to come

/me keeps her gold scheme

Happy War, everyone. And more so, happy naptime. :P

Good wok, everyone!

too bad I missed a main chunk of this war due to RL issues. glad everyone had fun

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