[GJW XIII - Discord] Final Results!


[GJW XIII - Discord] Final Results!

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Due to a mistake in the results in this post, we have updated results in this news post


OMG!! This is so awesome! So proud of Sadow and way to go Ciara!!! #Sadowned!!! W00t!!!

Congrats Ciara!! Congrats Naga Sadow! A Tarentae is 1st Hero! LOVE IT!

Well done, all.

Fantastic Job done by all. Thank you to the members of the DC for your hard work running this War.

Way to go, Arcona, Naga Sadow, and Vizsla! Nicely done, Ciara, Alaisy, and Declan/Pravus/Sarin!

Proud to see everyone excel!

Amazing Job all!


Congrats everyone on a well fought and fun war!!!!

good job

Almost forgot to comment here. A very well-fought War to everyone!

Congrats to all the winners, especially CNS and Ciara who I did not expect at all! Excellent work!

Nice work everyone!!

Congratulations to everyone on a well fought war!

Congratulation Ciara for first and Declan for third!

Yay for Arcona taking back First Clan! Arcona Invicta! Also surprised how well CNS did, the war hype for them was unreal.

Also congratulations to Viszla for 3rd, the participation was crazy high.

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