[GJW XIV] Homefront: Chapter 1


[GJW XIV] Homefront: Chapter 1


Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.

Had he ever known peace? He wasn’t sure. The pain was relentless. A continuous stream of agony tore through his body. Was there a time without the pain? He had memories of before, but they continued to fog over in his mind, dulling to nothingness. There was just pain. Pain and his hatred for those who placed him in these chains. The hours had turned into days. The days had turned into weeks, yet the pain remained. The only respite he found was in the embrace of the void, the moments of unconsciousness where his body and mind could no longer process what was happening.

Through Passion, I gain Strength.

His hatred was his passion, his strength, his will to continue to live. He had begged, pleaded for death but that had been denied to him. He would suffer. Even his dreams had stopped being a refuge from the pain. The pain had seeped beyond his body, into his soul. Where once there was the void, blissful emptiness of the black, now the man would hurt him there as well. Auburn hair. Amber eyes. There was a name for the man, one he had once known and cursed, but that too was lost to him, buried in the twisted remains of torment and rage.

Through Strength, I gain Power.

The man had strength, had power - power over him. Oligard. That was the name of his tormentor, his enemy. The faces of those that hurt him changed, but all spoke with the man’s authority. Oligard’s authority. It was now only when Rath Oligard himself stood before him in the flesh that the pain would recede. Oligard’s questions were meaningless now. Whatever answers he had to provide could only be heard as hoarse whispers and pitched squeals.

Through Power, I gain Victory.

Victory would be to see his enemies in ruin. For them to experience his pain as their own. Oligard asked of the Brotherhood, their plans, resources, secrets. He felt a twinge of recollection through the haze of his mind. Brotherhood… where were his brothers now that he was in chains? The pain returned then, searing through his veins. He tried and failed to spit out the taste of bile that was once again gnawing at the back of his mouth.

Through Victory my chains are Broken.

He was being rescued, hands removed from their restraint for the first time in months. Hate was all he had left of himself. His name, his ambitions, his power, lost to him as he was dragged from captivity. The days of torture had stripped away the man he had once been. But it would not strip away the hate. It was all he had, all he was, all that he could become.

The Force shall free me.

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Hello Everyone,

As the official opening of the Great Jedi War XIV: Homefront draws near, we are releasing the opening fiction just a little early. We hope this lets you process it a bit before the competitions go live. Additionally, I have updated the Fiction Center to reflect the recent happenings including a short synopsis of this fiction. A more in-depth review of the fictional happenings of the war will be dropped by the end of the weekend.

Enjoy the fiction and the soon to be released competitions!



A new Empire? Poor Arx

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Good stuff, Iddy.

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