[GJW XIV] Homefront: Chapter 2


[GJW XIV] Homefront: Chapter 2


Floor VII
Observation Section
Nesolat Platform, High Orbit
Arx System — Brotherhood Territory

The traditionally quiet stillness of Nesolat Platform had been broken. Once a place of learning, the war-torn facility now sang. Its thick durasteel armoring rang with an imperfect beat of fire against its hull. The throbbing, aching thuds of blaster fire dissipating against the Nesolat’s protective barrier was relentless, like a nightmarish heartbeat reminding all onboard of the dire circumstances they found themselves in.

Throughout the station, that beat was punctuated with periodic sounds of explosions from within; fallen Collective agents meeting their end somewhere within its halls. The advanced assault team from the Aliso system had not yet encountered any enemy forces, but there had been plenty of bodies. Among them were the bodies of students and faculty, some only indiscernible charred chunks of what had once been a living person.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Khryso Mallus said as he stepped over yet another body. His grip on his lightsaber tightened.

“Something is very wrong with all of this,” Liandry agreed. Behind them, a dozen of their fellow clanmates muttered in agreement. The Collective was storming the station by force, yet like ghosts, they could not be found. Only the fallout of their presence remained.

As they rounded a corner, they got their first taste of the conflict within: a hail of blaster fire immediately pushed them back.

Seconds later the blaster fire ended.

“Hold your fire! I said hold damn it! Those aren’t the Collective,” a rough voice shouted. The Plagueians peered around the corner.

“It’s fine, you can come out. We’re just a bit eager for some action,” Aleck Winters yelled. The man gestured around to the Sadowan forces behind him.

“So you haven’t seen any Collective either?” Khryso asked as he approached. The Sadowans all shook their heads.

“Eerie, isn’t it?” Aleck responded.

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Hello Everyone,

Phase 2 of GJW XIV: Homefront is nearly upon us. Like we did for Phase 1, we are releasing the accompanying fiction a little bit before the competitions go live so that people can read it and process it before seeing what fun events accompany it. The Fiction Center has also been updated to reflect this new chapter of the war.

Enjoy the fiction and the soon to be released competitions!



so now Casper and Beetleguice is attacking us???

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