[GJW XVI - Transcendence] Prologue and Location Wiki


[GJW XVI - Transcendence] Prologue and Location Wiki


The Council Chamber
The Ascent
Arx System — Brotherhood Territory
41 ABY

“–Again for legal reasons, you must call it–” Alethia interjected, but stopped short as the Grand Master held up a hand dismissing the comment.

“Yes yes, fine. The Ethereal Realm. What have we learned?” The Grand Master asked. Darth Nehalem was uncharacteristically calm and focused. The months of manic fretting over the Children and Telaris Cantor were finally reaching its climax. The Grand Master was a singular nexus of determination.

“We’ve found several areas of interest. There seems to be a reflection of Eos City immediately on the other side of the portal. It is definitely haunted,” Idris reported.

Spooky,” Rajhin muttered under his breath. Idris sighed and continued.

“There are many floating islands, oriented in ways that defy physics. Our ships might have issues. We sent some starfighters in through the area and only one didn’t crash. Gravity flips every which way out there. Beyond that there are trenches and canyons that the Children have dug into in preparation for an assault. We were unable to get past these to see their main fortification or the chain itself. We do believe the chain is a literal thing in this realm, not metaphorical.”

“Anything else noteworthy?” The Grand Master pried.

Read the complete prologue to the Sixteenth Great Jedi War here.


Hello Everyone,

We are approximately one week out from the start of the Sixteenth Great Jedi War: Transcendence. This prologue is just a little last breath of preparation for both The Brotherhood and The Children of Mortis before we are thrown deep into the fires of war.

  • The Council meets and recaps what they have learned about the Ethereal Realm.
  • Reports of Ghosts of the long dead, a reflection of Eos City, Sky Islands, deep trenches and horrifying constructs are given.
  • It is noted that the Force works differently, both in enhancing abilities, removing them, and even occasionally giving basic powers to those who have never used it before.
  • The Portal Gate is nearly finished, needing a month of careful work to be completed.
  • The timeline is moved forward to just a week, as the Brotherhood found intel that does confirm the horrible truth: The Father wants to become the Force and remake this entire plane of reality his own.
  • In the Ethereal Realm, the Father works with Avitus, the chosen soul of the Force, to prepare for the final Transcension.


In addition to the prologue, we are releasing the wiki page for the Ethereal Realm now so that you all may get familiar with it. It is a realm of great dangers and opportunities as we march against the Children of Mortis. Highlights include:

  • A ghostly reflection of Eos City
  • Sky islands and bizarre gravity
  • Deep trenches of forgotten horrors
  • The Corpse Fields
  • Areas of enhanced force powers, and areas of no force powers
  • Areas where even NFUs can tap into the Force




Lets gooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Love me some floating island, gravity flipping, wibbly wobbly saucE!

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Get to the choppa!

This is where we take them!


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