[GJWXII: Retribution] Chapter 1: Vengeance


[GJWXII: Retribution] Chapter 1: Vengeance




Sith Throne Room One Week Prior

The data streamed in through countless holo screens. The Grand Master watched the tactically inadequate, but exceptionally motivated forces of the Lotus engage the Dark Brotherhood's flagship. Additional ships of war, from various clans remained stationary, watching the events unfold. Those clans were not yet bold enough to conduct an attack on the Lotus nor were they brave enough to engage the Suffering. The momentum of the battle swung in various directions aided by an internal assault on the Suffering's shields, but the Grand Master knew it was only a matter of time before the Super-class would overwhelm the pathetic forces of the Resistance. Naga Sadow’s late foray on the side of the Brotherhood made victory all but certain.

The Grand Master's eyes squinted as he felt and then saw a new fleet emerge from space. Dreadnaughts and unmarked fighters deployed immediately into modified attack formations with an efficiency that would would impress the staunchest of the Emperor’s Hammer admiralty. The multitude of holoscreens cut off with a wave from the Grand Master. He had seen enough and already knew the fate of the Suffering.

A lone royal guard stepped toward the throne and knelt, awaiting the order that he knew would come. The Grand Master was a man of action, and hesitation would not be his response.

"Activate the Inquisitorius and summon the Dark Council."


Great Jedi War XII is upon the Dark Brotherhood. Read the full fiction here.

Written by: Grand Master Darth Pravus



There will be no summary of this fiction, for reasons that will soon be revealed. Make sure to read the fiction, as it holds vital details for the overarching storyline of Great Jedi War XII. Keep your eyes on the main page, as the Grand Master will drop a news post shortly to handle the formal launch details.

Twelfth Great Jedi War

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Kickass intro, looking forward to seeing more. Let's go and have fun!

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Wait, he's the bad guy, yes.


Quite interesting... Supreme Leader Snoke will be...wait, no...aaaugh Gods the pain...who...Clan, clan is all that matters....

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...wow. I found that more interesting in a different way than I had really expected. Looking forward to seeing more roll out.

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