[GJWXII: Retribution] Chapter 3: War


[GJWXII: Retribution] Chapter 3: War




Nancora Orbit Outer Rim Territories On board the Skylla Present

Rath Oligard waited. All the pieces to his plan had fallen into place. It was only a matter of time now.

“Planetary ion canon’s are primed and awaiting order,” a bridge officer called out.

This was the calm before the storm. The last remaining members of the Oligard family stood side by side on the bridge of Collective’s flagship. Rath’s large shoulders bowed backward with his ramrod posture, the collar of his long coat perfectly pressed and just as imposing as his presence on the bridge. In stark contrast, Avitus’ hunched posture and gaunt frame looked frail and waifish under his much more pedestrian looking coat.

“Interdictor gravity wells are standing by. The timer on the mines has been set, as per your instructions, and the retrofitted frigates have been laid out as a greeting to our expected guests,” Captain Sul Pahlee reported. He paused, adjusted the collar of his uniform, and then continued. “Are you sure this is the time to show our hand, Lord Superior? What if they do not show?”

The leader of the Collective did not balk at the question or rebuke his Captain. That was not his way. He encouraged speculation and free thought among his crews, and in return they became even more loyal. Instead, Rath simply smiled with infectious confidence.

“They will show,” Avitus Oligard cut in before Rath could mouth an answer. “Another minute.” The gaunt figure’s thin, whisper-like voice lacked any sense of privilege or arrogance. He was simply stating a fact. Captain Pahlee had served long enough to know not to take offense to the Chief Counsel’s lack of regard for military formality with crewman.

Rath nodded once and turned his eyes back out towards the expanse of space—toward the blank canvas that would soon become alite with the fire and flames of all that he had worked for.

The War he had dreamed of for so long had finally begun. Retribution would be his, and the Brotherhood would suffer for what it did to his family.


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Written by: Marick Tyris



Great War XII is now in full swing. This fiction confirms that all seven units, regardless of their individual motives, have arrived in Nancora space to face off with the Collective. The various prompts for the competitions will provide you with any other details needed. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram or by email. If you're not comfortable doing so, feel free to check with your Proconsul's and Consul's–who are comfortable with then yelling at me to get answers.

As a reminder, the Collective Wikipedia page is being continually updated as we get more information. NPCs are being filled in and created to flush out the rival factions roster, and will continue to be updated as we continue to move forward. Remember that the Collective was not just made for this War, but in hopes of providing an organization rival for future story arcs to come.

An Advanced Scouting Report will continue to be filled out, but for right now it should address some questions that came up when talking about the Collectives cybernetics and how they work with the system. Please keep in mind that in order to create a challenging enemy, I (as current Voice and one of the creators of the character sheet system) have taken a few creative liberties with the systems here and there to make things work. If you're concerned or have questions about this, please contact me directly- I'm always happy to explain my administrative actions to anyone that's curious.

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Thanks for everything, Wally. The sheer magnitude of this War is revealing the true extent of the DCs efforts. I'm sure some perspectives will be changed.


We're gonna need a bigger ship.

I think we are going to need a new Venator when all is said and done.. still, I like the little updates to bring things together. See you all on Nancora!

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