[GJWXII: Retribution] Chapter 4 - Strike


[GJWXII: Retribution] Chapter 4 - Strike




Nancora Space
On board the Skylla
Collective Flagship

Captain Sul Pahlee studied the battle against the combined strength of the Brotherhood’s Clans with a fist clenched at his side.

Despite Rath’s careful planning and all the traps they had laid, the Brotherhood was more coordinated than they had anticipated. While the Clans did not move as one cohesive force–or anything resembling an organized singular fleet for that matter–they were not firing on one another. In their own disparate ways, each Clan fleet was focusing efforts on punching through the Collective’s defensive formation around Nancora’s orbit. No single Clan seemed to be responsible for the successful strike, but whatever loose temporary allegiance they had formed he was sure would not last for long.

Indeed. Sul had no doubt that once the dust settled, there would be dissent among the Clan’s. Fingers would be pointed, and they would quickly fall back on their petty squabbles. This was why Sul Pahlee had defected from the Iron Navy to follow Rath. The Collective was everything that the Brotherhood could become, if only they could unite and rally behind a singular vision and purpose. That was a topic for another day, however.

Captain Pahlee had more pressing matters at hand. The Braga had been destroyed. Brotherhood forces managed to infiltrate modified heavy cruiser and disabled it’s prototype systems. With the powercore overloaded, it had burst into a brilliant cloud of fire and shrapnel, taking out two other cruisers in Battle Group Abellio.

Just like that, years of careful research and development were suddenly gone. The engineers, of course, had insisted on seeing their work in action, so there was no telling how many of those minds were now floating uselessly in the void. Pahlee did not know their names, really. He did not know all of their families. But he knew that Rath Oligard did. Pahlee felt a tinge of pride knowing that after it was all over, Rath would take the time to acknowledge each of the affected families. Personally. It was just another one of the many reasons Pahlee trusted Rath and believed so feverently in his cause.

“Captain: enemy ships are breaking through our blockade and proceeding towards the surface,” a tactical officer called out across the bridge.

“Understood,” Pahlee nodded once to himself as his mind churned mechanically through battle logistics. “Lieutenant: inform the Supreme Leader and alert General Diss’are to prepare the ground forces. ” The Zabrak captain’s eyes flicked towards the readouts to his left. “Have the Caladi and Kamea cover the Jamai. We can’t lose another prototype like that.” Pahlee made a decisive chopping motion with his hand for emphasis.

“And what of the remaining ships?” the officer called back.

“Show them what a true navy looks like,” Captain Pahlee replied cooly. The crew responded with a unified verbal salute of solidarity.


The Brotherhood has struck back at the Collective and is making a push for capital city of Axio. Click here to read the full update!

Written by: Marick Tyris


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Final Words

If you guys have any questions, the Dark Council is here to answer your questions. We had some really amazing turnouts for events in Phase I. I personally was shocked to get 80 fiction entires. I've read through over half of them and am very proud of our society in terms of quality and execution. Please make me drown in more fictions. Nothing makes me happier, and as usual if you have questions please, please let me know. I’m excited to see what you guys can bring to the table for the next round.

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