[GJWXII: Retribution] Prologue - The Collective




Collective flagship, the Skylla
Command Battle Group Abellio
Wild​ ​Space

What a sight, thought Sul Pahlee, the Zabrak captain of the Skylla, as he observed the spectacle of color and light in front of his ship. He repeatedly turned his head trying to see if any of the other crew were looking at the burning wreck of the Super Star Destroyer limping through space, but there seemed to be an unnerving calm on the bridge of the Skylla. Despite the alarms warning of incoming enemy contact, none of the other bridge officers raised their tone or rushed between stations; they all seemed almost too calm in light of events.

The moment was tense, but for vastly different reasons than Sul had initially thought. He had expected the usual fear and adrenaline he was accustomed to in most battles, but for reasons he could not put into words he felt something different entirely. There was a warm feeling in his gut that brought a smile to his face, a smile the rest of the Technocratic crew sparsely shared. Only one person on the bridge seemed to mirror his sentiment — their leader, Rath Oligard.

Oligard — a fairly large man with an auburn mohawk and pointed goatee wearing a waist-length leather coat — looked intensely at the battle in front of him. The frown in his brow and the slight sporadic twitching in his fingers crossed behind his back were the only signs of visible expression he gave away, but for those who knew him well that alone was enough. He was a man driven by purpose, and for six long years he has dwelled in the underbelly of society just to be in this moment.


Who is Rath Oligard? Read the full fiction here to find out more!

Written by: Herald Morgan Sorenn



Thanks to Vyr for working really hard on this update. He put a lot of creativity and thought into the development of this new enemy that has risen to challenge the Brotherhood. I hope everyone takes the time to read, but here is a brief summary of the events that transpired.

  • Aboard The Collective flagship, the Skylla, Captain Sul Pahlee observes the spectacle of the Iron Navy's flagship in ruins.
  • Lead by a man going by the name of Rath Oligard, The Collective is revealed to be an organization comprised of three unique factions: The Liberation Front, Capital Enterprises, and The Technocratic Guild.
  • We see a glimpse into Oligard's history, granting insight into why The Collective are so hell bent on opposing the Dark Brotherhood and its population of Force Users.
  • The Collective forces destroy the crippled Brotherhood flagship, the Suffering, while also harassing each of its seven Clans forces.
  • The Collective gives a final middle finger to the Iron Navy as reinforcements show up, fleeing to hyperspace and leaving the Brotherhood to its next action.

Scouting Report

For information on The Collective, check out the Wikipedia page here.

Please note that the Wikipedia article will be expanded on launch day for GJWXII, alongside the launch fiction. Consider this a teaser, for now, that provides a preliminary report on the new enemy!


This officially launches the Great Jedi War XII story arc! The Fiction Center has been updated to reflect these changes. You will be able to still catch up on The New Order fictions, but for now, the focus is going to be full-steam ahead on this story arc. I want to again thank Vyr for his assistance here. This gave me a break from churning out fictions, added another writer's perspective, and let me focus on building up the backend details of the new enemy faction. Next up is Pravus’ fiction, followed by the Great Jedi War XII launch fiction! Stay tuned for more information!


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