[GM] Introducing our new Headmaster...


[GM] Introducing our new Headmaster...

Greetings all,

As you all are aware, the Headmaster, Farrin Xies, announced his plan to retire a little over two weeks ago. I know I speak for the whole of the Dark Council when I say that Farrin will be missed, both as a steady hand in guiding the growth and maintenace of the Shadow Academy, and as a trusted advisor and friend on the Dark Council. Farrin was always willing to assist other projects and work with Councilors to make the Brotherhood a better place for all of us. For that, Farrin, thank you, and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Farrin's departure was expected, and so we had ample time to accept applications for Headmaster. Our membership did not disappoint and filling Farrin's shoes was no easy task. We received several excellent applications from across our Brotherhood from individuals with varying degrees of experience in the Shadow Academy. Ultimately, after consulting with the Dark Council, including the current Headmaster and a former Headmaster now serving as Justicar, I ultimately decided that Daniel "Seraphol" Stevens, current Praetor to the Headmaster, will become our next Headmaster. Seraphol's application demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Academy, its current state, and how best to move it forward. I'm excited to have him join our Dark Council and look forward to working with him on improving the Shadow Academy.

Please, join me in thanking Farrin for his exemplary service and congratulating Seraphol in his ascension to Headmaster of the Shadow Academy!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

Congrats you old coot!

Seraphol is going to be one helluva Headmaster. I'm proud to know him, and I look forward to seeing what he'll be bringing to the table. Good luck, my friend!

Thanks for all your hard work, Farrin. And Seraphol: you have my sympathies. :P

Poor dumb bastard.

Congrats Seraphol and good luck

Thanks for the years of service Farrin and welcome to the light. Congrats DS! I know you will do well!

Oh dear god

Seraphol, I don't believe we have met. I don't believe I am familiar with your work. And I don't believe you are my real life Daniel at all.

But! I was once Headmaster myself, and I wish the absolute best for anyone brave enough to take on the position.

Godspeed, sir. You're going to rock it.

CONGRATS SERAPHOL! Drinks are on you!

Wooo Congrats Seraphol!!!

Congrats DS! Excellent work! :)

Congrats Seraphol! May the panda have mercy on your soul.

Congrats! Wish you the best.

Congrats, Dan!

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