Grand Master: Fist Applications Open


Grand Master: Fist Applications Open

Drac approached me last month with the need to step down from his role as Fist, and while he will remain in the role during the transition I will now be opening applications for Fist of the Brotherhood to replace him. Gaming is an important pillar of activity for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and a key part of our community, one which has been well served under Drac and that I am sure will be served well by his replacement. He'll reach out with his own final report.

The application period for Fist starts now and will close on Sunday, April 24th. If you are interested and this time frame is a crunch for any reason, please reach out to discuss it. I know a lot is still going on in the world.

Applications must be sent to the Grand Master (myself), Deputy Grand Master (Dacien/Bubba).

Application suggestions & Requirements

  • Experience and familiarity with the office of Fist is a a plus
  • Familiarity with gaming systems in the DJB is a requirement
  • Review the overview of the position from the wiki.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the Rites of Combat.
  • Position will engage in a range of Dark Council related discussions, so the ability to work well with the team is necessary for success
  • Understanding of the high level of time commitment and member interactions, given the nature of gaming
  • Ability to manage the Fist staff and team that supports gaming
  • Open to a wide range of visions and ideas in the application with justification, especially as they relate to growth of our community, but be mindful of coding changes and effort to implement them

If you have any specific questions please reach out to me or Bubba, though reaching out to Drac on any vision or ideas you want to present might be a good idea as well and he indicated he'd be open to it. His work has been valuable in his time as Fist and I'm not looking to break far from it in the future.

I strongly encourage everyone who has a passion for gaming and feels they could have a positive influence on the community here to apply.

Evant Taelyan / Darth Nehalem

When you're applying, keep in mind that the new Fist will be taking over shortly before the next GJW. If you have any thoughts on how to approach gaming for the vendetta, especially in light of the recent changes to PvP and casual gaming, you should include them!

GL to those who apply. BTW what happened to the T:SWTOR position on the site? Will we get to see the return of the position with the newly appointed FIST, or at least have the opportunity to approach them with the subject of it returning?

I missed this. The position was eliminated. There simply wasn’t enough of a presence in the DB and not enough of a draw for new members on the official guild (Imp side) to warrant a dedicated position.

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