Grand Master: Fist Appointment


Grand Master: Fist Appointment

Hello all,

Just a quick announcement, that I have decided to hire Dracaryis as Fist of the Brotherhood.

After reviewing all the applications received for Fist, and discussing with Bubba all the possible options I could go, I'll briefly touch on my thought process. There are some larger defined issues with the state of gaming (ones repeated in nearly all the applications received) in regards to engagement from members and lack of supported games. Yet, hours spent gaming by our members is incredibly high. As such, with this hire, I want to approach possible fundamental changes to how we handle gaming as a pillar and how it supports our community. For those familiar with desire paths, I want to embrace the path members are naturally taking, not design paths, and hope people will use them.

There were multiple great options for Fist in those who applied who could easily take the reins of the current structure. But I don't believe gaming doesn't need someone to take the reins, and with this in mind and in part for the ideas presented in his application which were beyond merely tweaking dials and knobs of the office as they exist today, I spoke frankly with Dracaryis about his ability to partner with the Dark Council to try these larger changes and his commitment to the office.

I sincerely hope he's able to accomplish the goals he's set out to do and committed to because if he's successful we will all be successful as a community together and he's the right person at the right time to take up this opportunity and see what can be done. But either way, I think it's a risk worth taking when considering the status quo.

Please congratulate Dracaryis on his appointment.


Welcome baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Yes SIRRRRRRR! Congrats Drac.

Congratulations Drac!

Congrats Drac!

Congratulations on your re-appointment! And good luck.

Third time's the charm!

This was the best choice for the job

This is great! Congrats. Welcome back to the Fist's office!

Congrats Drac!

Congrats! WB!

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