Grand Master: Herald Appointment


Grand Master: Herald Appointment

Hello all,

I will have a report with a bit more context later in the week, for now, I wanted to announce Alaisy Tir’eivra as the next Herald. Please congratulate her on the extra work and new role.

We are fortunate to have such talented artists in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, enriching our Star Wars experience here. Her application showed her a qualified artist and leader, and I wish her luck as she takes on the staff and manages the office going forward.


Congratulations, Alaisy! Welcome to the Dark Council.


Congratulations, Alaisy!

No draining the council, please. :P


So excited for you to get this opportunity Alaisy! Congrats on the new position!

Congratulations Alaisy!


Way to go!

habemus prædicator

Massive congratulations, Lailai!

Woohoo! I have been succeeded! Gratz, Alaisy, I know you'd do a great job!


Thank you for the opportunity! And thank you for the guidance Slagar.

Congratulations, Alaisy!

Congrats Alaisy! Definitely the best choice for the job.

Congrats, Alaisy! Serving on the Dark Council is a huge opportunity to give back to the club. Very cool to have so many first time DCers that are doing great things. I know you will be just as exceptional!

Enjoy it!


The shiniest, sithiest, bestest of Heralds. Congrats!

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