Grand Master: Herald Appointment


Grand Master: Herald Appointment

Hello all,

I just wanted to make a quick announcement that Rian Taldrya has been appointed as the Herald of the Brotherhood. Please take time to congratulate him on his appointment to the role.

With the sudden departure of the existing Herald, I quickly realized that Rian was an obvious replacement. He stepped up as Praetor recently and has a good handle on the office. While he himself recently applied for Herald and had a strong application. I look forward to working with Rian on the Dark Council and expect his contributions to all the projects I have planned will be great.


Congratulations, Rian!!!

Congrats Rian. Well done.

One of us, one of us...

Congrats, Rian!


Congratulations Rian

Congrats, Rian

Congrats, Rian! Tally hegemony is high in status quo!

Well deserved. You'll do an awesome job.


holds back the tears of joy

CONGRATS! Be a good bear and do all of the things. <3


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