Great Jedi War: Dates and Details


Great Jedi War: Dates and Details

Greetings Everyone,

The Great Jedi War will occur from 13 October 2017 until 19 November 2017. The Great Jedi War will have a few events that span all five weeks; however, the bulk of events will happen in two week intervals with a pause week in the middle. This will allow everyone an opportunity to rest and relax and focus on the larger (run-on) events. This Great Jedi War will have a large spread of competition types and should offer an opportunity for all of our members to participate.

GJW related fiction will start to arrive shortly and will include information that is integral to the War. I highly recommend you read the events; especially those of you who are fiction oriented.

Over the next few days we will be updating the DJB Vendetta wiki page, solidifying the GJW rules (with your Consuls now), and begin data entry on a host of GJW related projects. We look forward to seeing it finally launched.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.



preps all the hyping materials and prepares the art supplies this GJW will be glitterfied!!!


Do we really need a break week? Four weeks of events is a lot without drawing it out even longer.

The Great Jedi War will have a few events that span all five weeks

Well then, CSP can destroy the competition in five weeks instead of four :P

Now I just need to beginning revving back up the idling hype engine again. ^^

Game on, ladies and gentlemen.

Will there cake?

Can we eat cake?


Hi everyone,

Please forgive me for asking as I'm new here but what exactly do we do to compete?

Thanks for any help -Ladytuna

well, once the competitions drop (they havent' been made available yet) you subscribe to the competition and then go do the thing. So show up and be your fab self. ^^

Though, if you need further help you can hit me up on telegram as @DJB_Benny or via the email on my dossier. Though, I believe that Len, Maximus, Edgar or any of your Summit will be glad to give you additional assistance as well. But I am here if you need it. :D

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