Great Jedi War XV: Ascension


Great Jedi War XV: Ascension


During the explosive conflict on Dandoran, a mysterious new group unleashed chaos and destruction on the Severian Principate, Tenixir Revenants, and the Brotherhood forces aiding them. Wielding previously unseen powers, the enigmatic Seer and her crystal monstrosities vanished as quickly as they’d arrived, leaving the Brotherhood with little understanding of their purpose or true strength. In the ensuing months, the Grand Master organized a clandestine research program, searching out and retrieving the Force-attuned crystals that seem to lie at the heart of the new threat. The Clans have been provided allotments of crystals, in secret, to try and divine their power and possible applications.

But the enemy has not remained idle. The Children of Mortis have purged their ranks of erstwhile spies and, unknown to the Brotherhood, developed an insidious new method of crystal-infused ascension. Seizing an opportunity, the Children have launched a surprise assault on the capital systems of all seven Clans. In the vanguard, impossible Force-twisted abominations and gravity-defying crystal asteroids have established beachheads in each system. Still reeling from the Collective’s near-destruction of Arx, the forces of the Dark Council are unable to respond in strength. For now, the Clans are on their own.

Great Jedi War XV: Ascension begins tonight!

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Scoring and Rewards

In addition to Hero titles for the top three scoring members and the usual novae and credits, dossier art will be awarded based on the Herald Vendetta Dossier Skin Guidelines:

1st Place Clan: Robe & Weapon
2nd Place Clan: Robe
3rd Place Clan: Weapon

And all participants will receive one Seal of Ascension per competition participated in:

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Additionally, Clans will be granted Clan Fleet Upgrades from a pool of available upgrades. In order of Clan score, each Clan will get to select one item from the list. An item, once selected, will be removed from the list and not be available for other Clans to choose in this vendetta. There will also be a secret award for each Clan, to be revealed at a later date.


If you find any errors in competitions or have questions about rules, please email me, Evant, and the competition organizers. Do not message us on Discord with questions, as it’s nearly impossible for us to track everything that way. Any updates or clarifications to competition rules will be announced on the news page.

We all hope you have as much fun participating in this event as we have had in conceiving and organizing it!

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